Tom Cruise “Will Be Seeing Suri Very Soon”

Although his estranged wife Katie Holmes has been granted primary custody of their daughter Suri, Tom Cruise will soon be spending quality time with their gorgeous 6-year-old girl.

According to Tom’s attorney, Bert Fields, “Tom will be seeing Suri very soon,” Fields told Radar Online in a Thursday statement. “I don’t know exactly when that will be, and I couldn’t tell you, but I do know it will be very soon.”

He added: “Tom loves his Suri very, very much, as he does his other two children [Isabella, 19, and Connor, 17]. Tom is a family man, and dedicated to his children. They are the center of his world.”

After Katie, 33, filed for divorce on June 28 and the couple reached a settlement less than two weeks later, the actress and her daughter have been seen enjoying time together in New York City. Tom has been busy filming his new movie, Oblivion, in June Lake, California.

Fields added that Tom is “still tremendously saddened and shocked about the divorce. Tom is obviously relieved that the settlement was reached, but is still sad.”

On the other hand, Katie is said to be “very happy” about the divorce settlement. “She won and is happy. She can move on and finally live her life.”

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  1. Makes you wonder why not everybody can ‘do’ a divorce this way… At least they’re a good example tot the world!

  2. Tom Cruise “Will Be Seeing Suri Very Soon”

    Really? That’s the headline? This is news? A man may see his daughter soon! News at 10!

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