David Boreanaz & Kids: Sunny Day In Calabasas

David Boreanaz was seen with his two children Jaden, 10, and Bella, nearly 3, in Calabasas, Calif. on Tuesday (July 10). While walking with dad Bella had to squint while walking in the sunshine. The next day the Bones star took to this Twitter page to gush about the kids.

He wrote: “There’s nothing like your little girl telling u she loves her Daddy. So precious. Apples and cinnamon dreams Bella.”

He later added, “Saw my boy grow up today. Priceless moment and one that will always be in the heart. True feelings live strong!”

Today (July 13) David and his co-stars attended Comic-Con to promote Bones’ upcoming 8th season. According to the Huffington Post – there was no mention if Bones will go for another season. However the show did recently explain a Tweet David sent last month hinting that the show might be ending.

“Fan asks about @David_Boreanaz tweeeting “farewell” but he explains he wants ‪#Bones‬ to go on forever! Yay!”




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  1. This guy seems to wear the same hockey shirt every time he is photographed. He must get a paycheck from Bones can’t he afford to buy another tee shirt? Feel sorry for his kids because they will read forever how his dad, lied and cheated on the mom. Mom should have taken the kids and moved on. Wasnt like he had one affiar but many how dumb is the wife? I too read kid was named Bardot in fact he was interviewed and told the world his daughters name was Bardot. Then after naming her they changed her name. Poor girl probably doesn’t know what her name is. Read in another article that he wanted to change her name to Bella, like in the Twilight movies, remember he played a vampire for years on Angel and Buffy. Not a great reason to change your daughters name. Think mom and dad are screwed up? Yep.

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