Elizabeth Banks: “Felix Is Cool Being A Baby Gypsy”

The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks knows all too well that being a famous actress typically takes her around the globe to film but thankfully, her 16-month-old son Felix doesn’t seem to mind.

“This job requires you to be a little bit of a gypsy, [and] so far he’s totally cool being a little baby gypsy,” the 38-year-old People Like Us star tells PEOPLE. “We [went] to Paris [for Fashion Week]. He’s getting his first passport stamp.”

Although hopping half way across the world may sound like fun, the actress is quick to note the she always takes her son’s comfort into account.

“You really have to decide,” she admits.”‘Does that affect my son’s quality of life as well as mine?’”

“If there’s ever a moment where I feel like he needs to be home or he needs a certain something in his life,” she continues, “I’ll make a decision based on that.”

Although she may be one busy mama (who isn’t?), Elizabeth makes certain that Felix enjoys everyday childhood adventures, such as a  trip to the zoo to celebrate his first birthday.

“[It] was really fun,” she admits. “Although at the time, he didn’t quite understand what the animals were, he was really interested in the other kids, much more than the animals.”

“We had this amazing moment where this giant orangutan was hanging right in front of us, and we were like, ‘Look Felix, look at this!’” she adds. “There were two little girls there, and he just wanted to look at the little girls. He didn’t even notice this giant orangutan.”

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