Felicity Huffman’s Summer Playcation Ideas

In her latest blog on WhatTheFlicka.comDesperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman – mom of daughters Sophie, 11, and Georgia, 10 – shares some “Summer Playcation” ideas for parents.

“I always look forward to summertime,” Felicity writes. “We don’t have the daily grind of school routines, and we can all just relax and be a family together. But, after about 2 weeks of vacation, the panic sets in of: “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY KIDS?!” Then, after about a month has gone by, the silent cry begins: “I can’t wait for school to start! Who knew August was 60 days long!”

The mom-of-two says it should be okay to let our kids “dink around” on the computer during the summer months.

“Okay, first of all let’s give ourselves a break about all the computers, video games, and T.V watching that some of our children do during school vacations,” she writes. “We live in a digital world, and a big part of summer fun is getting to relax and watch a movie in the daytime, play Wii Bowling with your neighbor, or dink around on the computer.”

“That said, here is something that will help get the kids outside, playing and interacting with something other than a cartoon character or video monster,” she writes.

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