Katie Holmes & Her Gymnastics Girl

Newly single Katie Holmes and her 6-year-old daughter Suri were photographed at Chelsea Piers in New York City on Thursday (July 12). The mother-daughter duo were joined by a friend as they headed into gymnastics class.

The day before, we spotted the pretty pair enjoying the Central Park zoo with Grandma Holmes.

Less than two weeks after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie was granted primary custody of Suri.

According to Tom’s attorney, Bert Fields, ”Tom will be seeing Suri very soon,” Fields said in a statement. ”I don’t know exactly when that will be, and I couldn’t tell you, but I do know it will be very soon.”

He added: “Tom loves his Suri very, very much, as he does his other two children [Isabella, 19, and Connor, 17]. Tom is a family man, and dedicated to his children. They are the center of his world.”


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    • I don’ t think the pap was actually in the gym. He probably took the pic through a window. But yeah, it’s still very invasive.

  1. I enjoy the pictures bc they are here but I couldnt imagine having to deal with sweaty, aggressive men photgraphing my daughter in her fitness clothes, in the gym. So many levels of inappropriate. I was enjoying the pics until I saw the gym pic. Ugh

  2. FYI, the field house (where gymnastic classes are given) has huge windows so it is quite easy for paps to get these type photos of Suri. Therefore, I will have to assume that Katie does not mind her being photographed at class as there are many other places in NYC to have lessons in a much more private setting. Just one New Yorkers opinion.

    • That and this is not the first time Katie or Tom have taken Suri to this Gymnastic class so they must not mind the pops taken pictuers of her.

    • ohhok that changes it… you’d think they would want something more private for her tho.. to each its own lol

  3. Finally! Suri looks happy! She appears to have a friend and is doing something really fun and normal for a six year old child!

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