Daisy Ryan & John Mellencamp: Ice Cream Pair

Daisy Ryan and John Mellencamp were spotted together in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (July 15). The pair were taking a walk when they stopped in a shop to get ice cream. The 7-year-old daughter of Meg Ryan wore a simple dress with blue Crocs.

John, 60, is currently on his No Better Than This Tour. He’s been traveling throughout Canada and has a couple of U.S. dates at the end of this month.

Meg and the rocker have reportedly been dating since late 2010. The actress also has a 20-year-old son named Jack with ex-husband Dennis Quaid.




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  1. she is so cute. my heart goes out to her as she might look up to john as a father image. this poor little girls heart will be broken as i dont see john and meg staying glued together in the future

  2. The pix are sweet, thanks celebritybabyscoop!
    I wonder if Mellencamp will adopt her if he and Meg Ryan decide to get married.

  3. this is so cute. what great pictures.
    kayce i dont mean any disrespect to your well wishes. but i would hate to see john and meg get married. this poor little girl already lost one set of parents. john cant seem to keep a family together. so i would hate to see this lovely little child go through what johns other children went through when they were little. i am glad meg adopted daisy, but i do have to agree with lena.

  4. i couldnt believe it that john really divorced elaine to take up with meg? OMG this is to much for me to handle. why??????????????? dont tell me, he cheated on elaine with meg just like the others, whats up with the kid? i feel sorry for her already. neither one are good role models for this young girl.

  5. i agree with guest. i think that it is true that john did cheat on elaine with meg. he did the same thing with his other wives too

  6. Oh geegee (eva, anon and guest) get a freakin life hon, and leave these two celebs alone. You’re lucky they don’t slap you with a restraining order.

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