Katie Holmes & Suri: Late Night Gym Class

Katie Holmes took Suri to an evening gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers in NYC on Monday (July 16). Suri – who was reunited with her dad Tom Cruise on Tuesday – was seen flying in the air into an instructor’s arms.

After class their car got into a slight fender-bender. Their chauffeured Mercedes-Benz was hit by a recycling truck about 9:30 p.m. When the cops arrived only the driver was there.

Mother and daughter were also spotted walking around on Sunday (July 15). The pair both had on pink!

They certainly look like they’re settling into the city. Suri will be attending school in the fall and Katie is working on a number of projects.

She’ll be filming Molly which she co-wrote and produced and is starring in Responsible Adults with Chace Crawford in the coming weeks.

She’ll also be showing off her latest collection Holmes & Yang in a fashion show.




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  1. Is there nowhere this little girl can go without being photographed? Being photographed on the street is one thing but who took these pictures inside a private building. At least when the paparazzi is on the street, she can hide her face if she wants. Here, she doesn’t even know she’s being photographed.

    • This is not a private building it is open to the public… It is called The Field House at Chelsea Piers and there are many acitivities there including basketball, gymnastics, birthday parties, batting cages and much much more and as I stated in previous post the windows are ceiling to floor and it has very easy access to paparazzi’s (which both Tom and Katie are well aware of)

  2. This is disgusting that they take pix of her inside a gymnastics class?!! God like the above poster said, the street is 1 thing but these are crossing a line…. Shame on you CBS for posting them

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