Snooki Talks Childbirth “Poop” With Kelly Ripa

Mom-to-be Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi was seen arriving at The Today Show and later Live! With Kelly in New York City on Tuesday (July 17). The reality TV starlet sported a short mini dress, paired with a flower hair accessory and pink heels.

The pint-sized star, 24, wasn’t afraid to ask embarrassing pregnancy questions with fellow Jersey girl and mom-of-three. “Did you poop?” Snooki asked Kelly about her experience with childbirth. With co-host Josh Groban at her side, Kelly deadpanned, “No … I have never pooped ever.”

The outspoken expectant mama recently confirmed that she and fiancé Jionni LaValle are naming their baby boy Lorenzo. She said they plan to call him Enzo.


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    • I was home sick and so I saw the interview. Kelly Ripa is a pro and takes everything in stride including poop comment/question. She seemed to enjoy the Snooki/ Jwow interview.

  1. Kelly had 3 c-sections therefore if Snooki meant did you poop while pushing (which is very common) the answer for kelly most certainly would be no.

  2. what I’d like to know is why is this girl still relevant?? Will we hear of Snooki and Jwow in 10 years? I sure hope not. I have never seen Jersey shore and I’m so proud to say that bc watching her on interviews makes me cringe that people like her are richer then I’ll ever be for being a complete drunken, obnoxious, airhead!

  3. You can tell Snooki loves all the attention she’s getting from the press (well, more than she was before she got pregnant) now that she’s preggo.

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