Update: Guy Ritchie & Jacqui Ainsley Expecting Again

Update: It’s official! Guy Ritchie’s rep confirmed the happy news today, telling People that the couple are expecting another baby later this year. Congratulations to them!

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It looks like congratulations are in order for Guy Ritchie & Jacqui Ainsley!

The 30-year-old model seemed to be sharing some big news at tonight’s London premiere of Dark Knight Rises, showing off her bump as she posed for pics on the red carpet.

The couple welcomed their first son, Rafael, 10 months ago. Guy is also dad to boys Rocco and David from his previous marriage to Madonna.

Though they don’t often talk about their family life, Jacqui did gush last month, “[Rafael] has two great brothers which is really lovely. I’m the happiest girl in the world and loving motherhood.”


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  1. why is it any of the publics business weather Jacqui is pregnant again besides a woman is more fertitle after giving birth than she was before it

  2. his rep confirmed it here this morning

    This morning the couple have confirmed the news. This will be their second child, after giving birth back in September to Raph.

    A spokesperson said: ‘Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley are thrilled to confirm they are expecting their second child together later this year.’

    • He doesn’t want to lose half of the money he took from Madonna. At least Jacqui has him for 18 years worth of child support times two now if he replaces her for a younger model down the line.

  3. It was obvious they made an appearance to announce her pregnancy officially-she was trying to show off her bump by placing her hands under so her stomach would be more noticeable. Neither of them have anything to do with the movie they went to a premiere for, so it’s like like they had to be there. She gave hints at being knocked up again a few months ago when she gave an interview promoting nothing other than their “perfect home life” & her “perfect motherhood” to The Sun where she talked about them always planning to have a big family. That’s interesting because he previously did not want any more children before his ex wanted to adopt David. I think the truth is that Jacqui likely “unexpectedly” got pregnant right after they met & she probably got pregnant again without expecting to do so soon after giving birth. Seems Guy is against wearing protection as he impregnated his ex before bothering to get married or even engaged.

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