Rachel Zoe & Her Trendy Tot

Rachel Zoe and Skyler were at the Cross Creek Mall in Malibu, Calif. on Wednesday (July 18). Wearing a brown fedora, jeans and black sleeveless shirt – the toddler looked like he was having fun on the swing.

With such stylish clothes for her 15-month-old – is Zoe ready to start designing clothes for tots? Apparently so!

People reports an onlooker saw the stylist/designer buy many items of Jenni Kayne clothing at the Santa Maria Novella 2nd Annual Day of Shopping and Fun event in West Hollywood this week.

The source said, “She also told Jenni that she wants to create her own baby line.”


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    • I live in Los Angeles and it was only in the 70s yesterday, which means it was even cooler in Malibu by the beach.

      Yes, our weather rocks.

  1. Her outfit is atrocious, those pants just scream tripping hazard. She looks like she’s wearing a smock, everything except the vest is just so baggy, there’s nothing wrong with “loose-fitting” but when your entire outfit looks too big for you, what’s the point? Real smart when you’re carrying your child around. Skyler, on the other hand, looks adorable, though it’s not like he cares or can appreciate how he’s dressed.
    For a stylist, Zoe certainly makes some questionable fashion choices when it comes to herself.

    • When she’s actually charging people money to take her fashion advice, she should at least look the part. She can’t change her age or morph into a gorgeous supermodel, but at least wear tasteful, stylish clothes that fit.

    • Yet celebrities and magazines are still hiring her every single day. She must be doing SOMETHING right.

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