Olympic Mom Lashinda Demus: My Boys Will Cheer Me On In London

With the London Summer Games commencing on July 27th, we’re getting into the Olympic spirit with a series of exclusive interviews with some of TeamUSA‘s finest athletes. Next up is track and field star Lashinda Demus, a 4-time Olympic medalist who is going for the gold this summer.

Lashinda opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her 5-year-old twin boys Dontay and Duaine who will be cheering on mom in London. She also talks about balancing her rigorous training schedule with motherhood and her Olympic goals.

CBS: Please tell us about your twin boys.

LD: “My sons are Dontay and Duaine Mayrant born June 5, 2007. They actually are the best of friends and will not do anything without the other. When they were 9 months, they used to fall asleep on top of each other – the cutest thing!”

CBS: How have you managed raising twins alongside your Olympic training?

LD: “I always tell people that I’m still trying to figure it out. All I do know is that I would not be able to keep the amount of balance I do have without my other half, my husband. Time management is definitely the key.”

CBS: Will your boys be cheering you on in London this summer?

LD: “They will definitely will have them at the Olympic Games and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This will be something my family will cherish many years from now.”

CBS: What are some of the values and lessons you’ve learned from your Olympic training/experience that you hope to teach your boys?

LD: “One thing that I hope the boys grasp from me is hard work and perseverance. Those are the two tools that you need in life regardless the situation.”

CBS: Are you hoping your twins will carry on the family tradition and compete in the Olympics one day?

LD: “I really want them to do what they are passionate about and that in itself would be carrying on the family tradition.”

CBS: What’s your best advice to parents of multiples?

LD: “Always remember that they are two separate individuals and need individual separate attention.”

CBS: Are you planning to train and compete in the following summer Olympics as well?

LD: “I plan to run for one more Olympics, so 2016 will be the curtain closing of my track career!”

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