Guess Who Revealed: Jordan Federline

It’s Jordan Kay Federline!

Victoria Prince was spotted shopping with her beautiful 11-month-old daughter in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (July 16). Later in the week, the pretty pair were seen grabbing a quick Starbucks in the same neighborhood. 

Jordan’s father is Kevin Federline, 34, who became famous when he married pop princessBritney Spears. Now divorce from Brit, K-Fed and Victoria are happy and raising their daughter together.

Kevin is also dad to daughter Kori, nearly 10, and son Kaleb, 8, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson. He and Britney share sons Sean Preston, nearly 7, and Jayden James, nearly 6.

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  1. I believe it is the youngest of Matt Damon’s girls… just a guess but to me she definitely does not look like Harper Beckham.

  2. Looks like Kevin Federline’s youngest. She has several siblings. His two with Shar and his two with Brit.

  3. My first thought was little Delilah, Kimberley Stewart and Benicio Del Toro’s daughter, but then I saw the clue is that she has lots of siblings so it’s obviously not her. So no idea who it is.

  4. I thought the website was about CELEBRITIES Babies and I don’t see Kevin Federline or Victoria Prince being celebs anywhere in the world. As far from my concern, her HALF-BROTHERS mother is a celebrity.
    But I gotta admit Kevin is good at somthing at least… he does make beautiful children.

  5. Has no one else noticed that that woman looks *exactly* like Scarlett Johanssen (at least in this shot)?

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