Katie Holmes & Suri: Reunited In The Rain

Newly single Katie Holmes and her 6-year-old daughter Suri braved the rain in New York City on Friday (July 20). Sporting bright rain boots and carrying a pink umbrella, Suri went for lunch with mom at Pastis in the Meatpacking district.

The pretty pair were reunited yesterday after Suri went on a mini getaway to the Hamptons with dad Tom Cruise. We spotted the gorgeous girl and her daddy boarding a helicopter before heading off on their “beach vacation.”

Cruise finished shooting his latest movie, Oblivion, on Sunday in California. He learned of Holmes’ divorce filing while shooting the same film on location in Iceland and had not seen Suri in weeks.

Holmes has been granted primary custody of Suri, but Cruise will “be with her whenever he can,” said a source.

The estranged couple are said to be working on their co-parenting strategies.


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  1. Good to see Katie and Suri seem to have made the transition to being true New Yorkers – walking instead of talking their mammoth SUV everywhere!! Hopefully they still have their security detail with them as the paps relentlessly pursue and hound them 24/7. Too bad law enforcement can’t/won’t get involved, particularly in extreme circumstances like when these guys stake out the playgrounds and hang out outside gymnastics class, snapping away and gawking at young children. Seems wrong on so many levels.

    Personally, I am not interested in looking at pictures of a celeb child when they are not with their parent(s) &/or they are clearly upset and traumatized. Who would be? Obviously a lot of people since such pictures seem to sell like hotcakes.

    • Law enforcement need to protect the whole city not just two individuals who can afford their own personal security.

      • Seriously? So people who can afford private protection don’t deserve the public protection that everyone else does?

      • I think Cynthia is saying that law enforcement has the ability to deal with aggressive paparazzi on a level that personal security cannot. It’s not something that everyone in New York needs but definitely these two seem to. It has nothing to do with what people are able to afford.

  2. I have seen since they have split now for the last 3 weeks or so that Suri looks very sad. She doesn’t look her normal, happy self. I know that it is probably that she is going back and forth from her Mom and then her Dad, that she isn’t understanding that her parents are now going to be spending time away from each other now and they won’t be together anymore. Well, I am sure both Katie and Tom have had that talk about separating to her already, but it is still sad for any child who is going through this kind of situation of divorce as they don’t quite understand why. I am sure eventually everything will be okay with her.

    • I feel like her mom and dad were not together that often so, that’s probably not be a big change. I thing that the overwhelming presence of photographers these days is ridiculous. I saw a live video on TMZ and there were hundreds of flashes going on. That has to be the scariest things for a child. There should be a law.

      • I saw a video too and I was saddened. People screaming at her. They’re had to be atleast 100 photographers not to mention on lookers flashing away. Now I know why Suri’s always hiding her face or cuddled up in her dad/mom arms. Poor kid. She can’t even breathe when out and about trying to do normal things. I actually get sad viewing pics of her now knowing full well that behind the scenes of this photo is just a big chaotic scene of grown men trying to take her picture!

  3. OMG can’t this woman afford a decent pair of shoes?
    And what’s with all the fake smiles? When she’s with Tom she always looked like a wet blanket now she has this ridiculous permagrin. Who goes through a divorce and can smile like the Joker?

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