Katherine Jackson Not Missing, Not In Contact With Grandchildren

What is going on with the Jacksons?

Michael Jackson‘s elderly mother, Katherine, was missing, according to reports, which were confirmed by her 14-year-old granddaughter Paris. “If anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it’s the security number .. thank you so much,” the teen tweeted on Sunday (July 22).

The following evening, Paris took to Twitter to send another public plea to find her legal guardian. “8 days and counting,” she wrote. “Something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!”

But is seems Katherine Jackson is alive and well in Arizona, relaxing with other family members. TMZ posts a photo of the matriarch playing UNO with her daughter Rebbie, her granddaughter Stacy, and her great grandson London. It appears Katherine is relaxing and having a good time.

The situation adds to the ongoing drama with the Jackson family, as Katherine has been in Arizona for more than a week and hasn’t spoken to her grandchildren, of whom she is the legal guardian. “It was just total chaos when Jermaine, Randy and Janet descended on the house,” RadarOnline reports.

“Michael’s children are being cared for by their nanny and legal options are being explored about ensuring their safety,” a source says. “The children are very, very smart and they are surrounded by excellent bodyguards that won’t allow anything unsavory to happen to them. The kids just want their grandmother back, and want the family drama to end. Now that Paris and Prince are old enough, they understand why Michael didn’t have much of a relationship with anyone in the family except for Katherine.”


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  1. This is incredibly sad. For those who don’t know the full extent of what’s going on, it all started several days ago when a letter typed by Randy and signed by him and several of the Jackson siblings was leaked to the media. It is basically asking for the removal of those in control of the Jackson estate right now, and it suggested that Katherine had had a mini-stroke. Katherine was already in AZ at that point, and Paris said that Katherine was fine. Anyway, long story short, it was a back and forth with Paris calling out Randy, like she should have. I would have been worried too. Anyway, it’s been 8 days since Paris has spoken with her grandmother. When she tries to call, she is told that she can’t speak to her. Today, police were called to the Jackson home because, allegedly, Randy, Janet and Jermaine showed up with a camera crew and wanted to take the kids to Arizona to reunite when their grandmother. (PR Stunt) Prince said no, and Paris was hysterical, asking if she could just speak to her grandmother. Janet, Randy and Jermaine have allegedly been banned by police from the Jackson home.

    This is awful. As much as these kids have been through, the last thing they need is to be abandoned by their grandmother/legal guardian.

    • Are you kidding this women was not kidnapped !
      She abandoned these children and she want’s the money for her and her children not Michaels white children. Don’t fall for the old church bible thumping Grandma saint act. Any women that would let her five year old son Michael Jackson sleep in hotel rooms with music executives for months at a time is not a good women or mother at that. Wake up people I seen the interview where the record executives talked about sharing their room with Michael for months at a time . Joe and Kathern let this go on .
      These children are in danger , because this is one devious family. Michael was not even talking to his saint Mother or Father or siblings for a long time when he passed away. He was sick of taking care of them and the dead beat brothers like Jermaine that owed child support. Michael took care of everyone until he was financially strapped and said no more you vampires. These children are being harrassed by family members and it’s on camera . What a bunch of leaches they need to be removed from any family members so certain ones do not have access to them . John Branz or Debra Rowe the biologial mother should get full custody immediatley for their protection before they are missing or murdered .

  2. The “family” wasn’t interested in Micheal’s estate until all his debts were paid off. Now they want to take control of the estate because now its making money. I don’t trust that that is a recent photo. This reminds me of that horror movie, “The Good Mother” where the minor children were at the mercy of creepy guardians after they lost their parents. Great movie, but creepy. When Prince and Paris are old enough, they should go to court to be emancipated before the Jackson family steals all their money.

  3. As weird as the masks were that Michael had them wear, I wish for their own sake that they still had them. I’ve been so sad for these kids since the media found their faces. Poor kids. I hope their lives are starightened out soon, and that the Jacksons start acting like a family for the first time in their lives. So sad.

  4. I will make same comment I made about Willow Smith… Get these children off facebook and twitter…. she is too young to be sending messages (in public eye) fighting with her uncles (no respect for elders), pleading with world to find her grandmother (???) What the heck is going on??? Get this child off twitter and facebook for her own sake and safety.

    Seems like the stress of raising all her grandchildren has gotten to Katherine or if she is so frail and out of it she can be manipulated by her children that she cant demand a phone to check in with her children she is legal guardian of, then perhaps she is not well enough to raise MJ kids.

    • If something nefarious is going on, these people have enough power and pull to keep these kids locked away forever. Good for Paris for making these things known, for fearing for her grandmother, and for refusing to go with people she doesn’t feel safe with.

      • Not sure where in above article you got any of information in your comment but as far as I can tell NO ONE in that family has any pull and power to keep these kids locked away forever. The kids hold all the cards which they seems to know very well. And who is she refusing to go with? article says they are with the nanny (pretty sure they are used to spending alot of time with nanny since days when MJ was alive).

  5. It’s just weird that someone who claimes to love MJ’s kids so much would not be in contact with them in over a week. I think there is some shady business going on and even though I’m a huge fan of Michael and Janet I think the rest of the brothers and even the sisters have something they are hiding. Latoya’s always go on and on in public about her brother and what not and I feel when she speaks she is only doing it to gain some publicity bc she really has nothing else going on for herself these days.
    Such a shame and the only one’s getting hurt in the end are Paris, Prince and Blanket.

  6. Their grandmother is their legal guardian. Where the hell is she? How does a legal guardian just disappear from her charges for 9 days?

  7. I don’t even care if she’s safe, anymore. If she’s safe and having so much fun, why wouldn’t she call them? Just to say ‘Paris I’m alive, don’t worry my child I’ll be there in a week’ so the kids are not worried about her. Cause Prince is way more private than Paris and Blanket’s just a lil boy, but I bet they were concern too. I mean you just can’t do that, if you’re the legal guardian you just can’t. Even if the kids are ok with the nannys and staff. I mean, what if a real emergency happened and they needed they guardian to sign something? Or any other situation that they could need her there. Also she’ve been their rock (as far as I know) since MJ died, and losing the only thing that seemed to never disapear in their lifes is wrong. They’re kids! 15, 14 and 10 years old! For god’s sake you just can’t leave them to their luck :/

    And also I read somewhere else that Janet, Randy and Jermaine were being really rude and that’s why the police interfered. Some even said they used violence (not so sure about that but Oh My). All this situation is pretty bizarre.. And yes, Paris is being really public about this but if she haven’t, we wouldn’t know that what Jermaine says is not true, you know? Ugh. Poor PPB, now they know why Daddy only had relationship (actual, real, relationship) with part of the family :/
    My heart goes to them, to find the guardian that actually cares about them, and is wise and neutral in this money situation – I read they wanted TJ to be it – Just for this kid’s sanity.

  8. I don’t care what people used to think about Michael, he was clearly a good dad and these poor kids are so lost without him. You didn’t hear anything about them when he was alive because he protected them so much, now they are a mess with no one to look after them. So sad. 🙁

  9. Michael’s siblings need to be the best aunts & uncles to Prince, Paris & Blanket. Leave poor Catherine to mother them, while she is still grieving for Michael. Come on guys, God is watching you all. These children are God’s treasured gifts. Be careful of what you do and say to them. The holy powers will paralyzed you forever. Be a nice family for once. Pleeeeeeez!!!!

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