Happy 5th Birthday Sasha Schreiber!

Name: Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete Schreiber

Date of Birth: July 25, 2007

Parents: Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber

Siblings: Samuel ‘Kai’ Schreiber, 3


♥ Though his first name is Alexander, his parents call him Sasha, a Russian variation of his given name

♥ Sasha was born weighing 8lbs, 4oz, and measuring 22.5 inches in length

♥ Sasha and his family live in New York City and often taken trips to Australia, where mom Naomi Watts lived from the age of 14 on


♥ “I want them to feel connected to me and me to them. Always. I want them, above all, to feel sure of who they are. That they are safe in the world and confident and happy people. And of course, connected – to their parents, their friends, their family, the world and themselves. This is the most important goal/dream in my life. Everything else is gravy.” ~ Naomi Watts on her dreams for her sons.

♥ “I love being a mum. I just love it. It’s the most rewarding thing but the most challenging thing.” ~ Naomi Watts on motherhood.

♥ “I had this dream that one day I would go to pick them up at college, and I would be there in whatever outfit that a sixty-something man would go to pick up their kids at college with, and we’d get a flat tire, and I would get out and I would change the tire, and as I was changing the tire, the sleeve would come up over my wrinkled skin and they would see their names tattooed on my arms and that would be a big deal to them. I thought it would just be a wonderful reminder of how much I love them.” ~ Liev Schreiber on having his kids’ names tattooed on his forearms.

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