Ryan Sutter: Max & Blakesley Have “Abundant Amounts Of Energy”

Right in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Ryan Sutter has teamed up with the ACE Brand to celebrate what it means to be an everyday champion with the launch of the Champion Challenge Sweepstakes, encouraging people to share stories and photographs what makes them or someone they know a champion.

The reality TV star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his two children with Trista Sutter – son Max, 5, and daughter Blakesley, 3 – their upcoming summer plans and the joys of fatherhood.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with ACE Brand and the launch of the Champion Challenge Sweepstakes. What is it all about?

RS: “I’ve teamed up with the ACE Brand to launch the ACE Brand Champion Challenge Sweepstakes. We are encouraging people to share their stories and photos that show what makes them or someone they know a champion. The stories people have shared so far are really inspiring.”

CBS: How can we get involved in the challenge?

RS: “To participate in the ACE Brand Champion Challenge, visit the ACE Brand’s Facebook page. There are so many variations about what makes someone a champion! Everyone who participates will be entered to win the grand prize of a $2,500 gift card that can go towards their next adventure.”

CBS: We hear you’re training for the six-day GORE-TEX TransRockies Run in August. What is your training like? Tell us about the run.

RS: “The GORE-TEX TransRockies Run is a multi-day, 120 mile trail running race. To prepare, I am trying to build on my cardio base with some long, tough bike rides while also mixing in some tough runs to get my muscles and joints used to the upcoming abuse.”

CBS: How are Max and Blakesley doing? What are they into these days? What do they do to make you laugh?

RS: “They are great! I love spending time with them and especially watching them become interested in the things I do. They are both very active kids with abundant amounts of energy. They are skiing, playing soccer, riding horses, on and on.

It is great to see the world through their eyes. Everything is so interesting and fresh. I love the comments they make about life. Their perspective makes me laugh both because of how they relate to life and how it humbles me in my own life.”

CBS: What is your favorite part of fatherhood?

RS: “I enjoy when my kids show interest in the things I love and want to spend time with me doing those things. For example: riding bikes, skiing, playing basketball, feeding the birds. I also enjoy the fact that they seem to love me. At least for now.”

CBS: What are your summer plans with Trista and the kids?

RS: “I believe we will be in Vail for the most part. The summer is the best time to be here. It’s easy to be outside and playing all day long. We plan to make the most of it!”

CBS: As a firefighter in Vail, Colorado, are you getting recognized all over town as a reality TV star?

RS: “I do still get recognized, which is amazing because it’s been almost 10 years since the show aired. I actually enjoy it. We have met a ton of great people and have gotten to do a bunch of great things. Most people are very nice and polite about it. Taking a picture or saying hello is such an easy way to make someone’s day.”

CBS: What’s up next for you and your family? Maybe another reality TV show?

RS: “You never know…”


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  1. Does he really fancy himself an expert on relationships when it was just his job to get a show – where there was only one woman – so a lack of options can make a dog look attractive – to like him enough to nab him because he buys into her baby voice and mooch off networks for gifts, trips, weddings, EVERYTHING? I think Trista is a greedy witch but Ryan is more at fault for feeding her ego and letting her think that all she has to do is laugh like a horse and she’ll get someone who will support her and she never has to lift a finger except for when it’s to write blogs putting down people on shows. There’s a reason she was the first person ever to be voted off the dancing show, nobody can stand a selfish greedy witch ….except ryan apparently.

  2. I was at that event, that was several months ago. Trista always struck me as vain and egotistical but does she always use really old pictures to pass off as current?

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