Jessica Alba & Girls: Spills & Smiles

Jessica Alba doesn’t cry over spilled juice!

The Honey star was all smiles with her two daughters – Honor, 4, and Haven, 11 months – at Chelsea playground in New York City on Thursday (July 26). Along with the nanny, Jess and her girls were seen enjoying the park on the sunny afternoon.

Looking every bit the multi-tasking mom, Jessica spilled some juice on her pants, and without the blink of an eye, kept on playing with her girls.

On Tuesday, we saw the happy group lunching in trendy Tribeca.

Jessica is currently in the Big Apple promoting her eco-friendly firm, The Honest Company.


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    • Actuallly, having a four-year-old in a stroller (even a tall one, like Honor, which is why it looks odd) is a good way to manage your travel, especially if she’s getting tired or strangers are ALWAYS taking your picture!

  1. She’s too cute but she so doesn’t look like she’s their kid. With a half black dad and a Hispanic mom and she comes out with white skin and red hair. Genes are funny sometimes aren’t they?

  2. On the first glimpse you really wouldn’t say that Haven ist Jessica’s and Cash’s baby. But actually I think she shares a lot of facial features with her mom, even more than Honor did at that age.

    The girls are so cute! Love Honor’s outfit. But yeah, the stroller may be a little unappropriate for a 4year old.

  3. don’t you think Haeven looks like their nanny’s daughter ?? she looks more like the nanny than she looks like Jessica or Cash…. wierd….. (sorry for my english, I’m french…)

  4. Honor is surely far too old to be in a stroller. My little boy is 20 months old and walks everywhere and has rarely been in his stroller since he learnt to walk. Cute family though.

    • My daughter is 4 and I have a stroller for her… but we walk our dog 3.5 miles every night. Little legs get tired – or have trouble keeping up. So inactive people should get off their high horses!

      • Hi Lynn – You’re in good company! Unlike the poster who is so critical, I’m not “perfect” either and know where you’re coming from re: the stroller. Use one for my 4 year old too — comes in handy for errands!

        • Took my 4 yr. old granddaughter to the mall yesterday. Took the stroller. When she wasn’t in it from being tired or drinking, I enjoyed putting packages in it. So I’m in the same company as you.

  5. Haven’s not even one yet. Babies do change a lot and i’m sure Haven will too. I see a lot of Jessica (her mom) in Haven’s face, but the red hair…who knows where that came from. Her hair color will probably change though-just give it time and I’m sure she will grow into her looks. It will be interesting to see what she will look like in the future. I bet beautiful just like her mama and older sister, Honor 🙂

  6. First there is no law that says how old a child can ride in a stroller. When I was little by mom never went without one and she said I was about 6 before I stopped using one. I think if mom is comfortable with pushing a child that big in a stroller whose to say she can’t ride in one. We all know kids get tired and it’s not like we don’t see Honor walking around. Would it be okay if the child was being pushed in a wagon instead? Cause I really see no difference.

    Haven – wow w/ the red hair! Genes are indeed amazing bc I think this child looks nothing like either one of them. I don’t think her hair will change much usually red heads don’t get darker or lighter too much.

  7. Cute family – but wow, in that pic where jessica is holding the baby on her lap, they don’t even look related at all.

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