Cash Warren & Honor: Daddy-Daughter Day

Cash Warren was seen enjoying the day with his eldest daughter Honor, 4, in New York City on Sunday (July 29).

The daddy-daughter duo – who were missing mama Jessica Alba and little sister Haven, nearly 1 – had some extra help from the nanny during their weekend outing in the Big Apple.

Jess and her famous family were recently spotted perusing New York’s local flea markets rather than expensive boutiques. The mama-of-two seemed to fall in love with an antique pram carriage she discovered at one of the markets.


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  1. why in the world would a grown man need a nanny in order take a 4 yr old out ? sad that celebs cannot care for their own children on their own. i know it is different when they have a lot of kids, but one ?
    get real.

  2. Jessica and Cash are friends with the nanny (she’s a sister of her sister-in-law) so maybe she is not a “nanny” all the time but also a friend who sometimes helps out with the kids.
    Only imagine that Jessica is alone with Haven, I wonder if she’s not freaking out because of having no nanny at her side.

  3. jessica probably has another nanny at home or grandparent, friend or relative. i am sure she is not alone with the baby (unless baby is asleep).
    some celebs dont seem to use nannies….or not full time ones.
    i can understand sometimes they can be necessary, but not constantly.
    and not multiple ones. like heidi khlum…she has 4 kids and unless her parents are with her you always see 2-3 nannies.
    then you read: hands on moms……lol. that is a joke.

    • All celebrties use nannies, some celebs just can’t seem to function with out a nanny, while others are able go out in and about with their kids with out a nanny with them.

    • I can see one nanny with Heidi when she out with all her kids but 2 or 3 is just crazy. Then again I’ve seen photos of Heidi, her parents, Seal and 2 nannies out before she had her youngest daughter was born.

  4. The nanny was with the family because Cash only was one day with Jessica and the kids. Therefore I don’t think it’s ridiculous to travel with the nanny, since Jessica is being in NY for promoting her company.

    And yes, the nanny is a friend of Jess, so you I can guess she is not the typical nanny.

  5. Not sure why people care about celebrities having nannies. The nannies depend on the income–if they were not working they wouldn’t be getting paid. If the celebrities don’t mind paying for a nanny when the parent is also available, why do we care?

    • I can answer that one!! The hags on this site need to believe that they are better parents than celebrities. Ergo, they have to constantly put them down and belittle them for every perceived flaw. If they see someone with a nanny, the same exact questions are posed. It’s ridiculous since it’s none of their freaking business, but alas, that is the life of the internet hag.

  6. Something seems up with Cash and Jessica. She was spotted on vacation with her mom a few weeks ago and now you never see her and him together. Hmmmm.

    • I thought the same as I saw that Jessica and the girls ( and the nanny) traveled to newyork without Cash. But I hope we see them both together soon 🙂

  7. what does cash do ? for a career ? i dont remember ever reading. i know it is never mentioned in the mags/sites when he is working.

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