Jack Osbourne Takes Pearl For A Stroll

Doting daddy!

Jack Osbourne took his precious Pearl out for a stroll in West Hollywood, California this weekend, heading to Cafe Prima to meet a few friends (July 28).

The 26-year-old dad was only too happy to show off his darling daughter, giving his pals a peek at her in the stroller.

Jack recently took to Twitter to share one of the more difficult moments of new parenthood, writing, “I feel so deceitful when I take Pearl to the Dr and she has to have a shot. One minute it’s all smiles then sadness. 🙁 “


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  1. This has got to be the first time (in my recolection) that I’ve seen a celebrity using a low-budget travel system. With all the great options out there I can’t believe Jack & his fiance would choose this Graco. yuck!

    • jack’s fiance isn’t some money hungry celeb out to show off how much money they do or don’t have. she’s normal. she’s from louisiana. she didn’t grow up around celebrities. and jack is very normal as well given his upbringing. they were probably looking more at SAFETY features and pearls comfort, compared to how much the stroller costs and how many people would notice they’re “cool” stroller.

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