Gilles Marini & His Scooter Girl

Gilles Marini and his daughter Juliana were spotted together in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (July 29). The French actor was helping her ride her scooter. With a pink Hello Kitty top and pink flats – it’s no surprise her scooter is also the same color.

Gilles – who has appeared in Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty and the Sex and The City film – became a U.S. citizen late June. He and his wife Carole now live in L.A. with Juliana and their son Georges.

He told, “I arrived in Los Angeles in 2002. Went through visa, then green card. Just worked really, really hard and the dream that I had when I arrived was, more than anything, becoming an American. So it’s done and now it’s the beginning of a new life that I’m sure will be more exciting than before and more successful than ever.”

He added that his wife also recently applied to be a U.S. citizen stating, “I think she’s going to do it next month.”

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