Chris Bosh & Family Vacation In Venice

Miami Heat player Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne took their 3-month-old son Jackson Anthony for a stroll in Venice, Italy on Thursday (July 26). The couple stopped to take photos before boarding a boat for a sightseeing cruise.

They’ve been on vacation in Europe all week. They also have stopped by Monaco and Paris.

Bosh also has a 3-year-old daughter named Trinity with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis. She claims he had her get fertility treatments during their two years together. Now that she’s lost her job she wants him to pay more child support. However he has ignored her pleas and has spent money on lawyers to keep his child support payment of $2,600 a month.

“Chris really wanted us to have a baby, that why he had me go to a fertility doctor,” Mathis told Gossip Extra. “I followed the treatment and we eventually became pregnant. He was very happy when Trinity was born.”



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    • So maybe they can go out to a grown-up dinner while they are vacationing near lots of lovely restaurants? Too bad Madeleine McCann’s parents didn’t take a nanny…

      • Too bad Madeline McCann’s parents left her alone in an unlocked apartment while they went out to dinner. That has more to do with common sense then having a nanny.

          • Give me a break…if they hadn’t been on vacation, if they didn’t go to dinner, etc….they were irresponsible and nanny or no nanny has nothing to do with it

  1. well that is just silly.. child support is to support the child. not to pay for the mortgage. That is entirely on the mother. How is 2600 not enough for mortgage and food a month? Sounds more like his x thought that once she had a kid with bosh, she would be taken care of for life. She needs to find a job and get with the program.

    • Why are you commenting on something you know nothing about? When one parent is incredibly wealthy, child support is high. Get over it. You might think it’s enough money for someone to feed their child with, but it is also keeping the child in the lifestyle to which her parent’s wealth allows. Do you really think his new baby should be living a much better lifestyle than his old one, simply because her parents split up?

  2. Wow, Chris is a skyscraper,lol. When he is on the basketball court he doesn’t look this tall, because he is with other tall people. Here he towers over everyone.

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