Giuliana Rancic Calls Cord Blood Banking “So Important”

By Kim Grundy

E! News host Giuliana Rancic is joining a growing number of celebrity moms who have decided to bank their baby’s cord blood. After suffering with infertility followed by a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, Giuliana and her husband Bill made the decision to store their child’s cord blood. The couple was given their blood banking kit during their baby shower and Giuliana tweeted about their decision, mentioning her sister Monica who also did cord blood banking.

“So thankful 4 all the fab baby shower gifts!” Giuliana tweeted. “Looking forward to banking w/@CordBloodRegistry like my sister did!”

Giuliana is actually an ambassador for Cord Blood Registry and further explained her reasoning with a statement on their website.

“Cord blood banking with CBR is the best baby shower gift because Bill and I, just like any parent to be, want a healthy future for our family,” the statement reads. “Many people have a family history of diseases that can be treated with stem cells. We want other pregnant women out there to get educated on the importance of banking at It is so important!”

Other celebrities have decided to do cord blood banking include Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz, who said it gave her “peace of mind.” Tori Spelling and Kourtney Kardashian were also spotted holding the banking kits, however they have never publicly spoken about it.

With cord blood banking, a public or private blood bank will collect the blood left in your newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta. This blood contains stem cells that are stored for future medical use.

Why do it? Blood cord banking can be extremely useful if certain diseases run in your family, such as sickle cell anemia, leukemia or lymphomas and some cancers. The usefulness of cord blood banking has been a hot debate, however, with some wondering if the cost of private cord blood banks (ranging from $755 – $2,150 plus annual storage fees of $85-$100) is worth the potential benefits.

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  1. She’s getting paid to push a product, which is fine, but let’s not pretend that she’d be tweeting about it if there wasn’t a check involved.

  2. did she ever think that a lot of other pregnant women can’t afford to bank the cord blood? i’m over this annoying and pretentious couple.

  3. My husband was give at 10% survival rate If he didn’t receive his bone marrow transplant. We went through several rounds of chemo and radiation before hand. All said and done, it cost over a million dollars (checkups for the rest of his life not included) and nearly cost him his life. Cord blood banking is a sound preventative measure for many diseases and I wish everyone would be insured for it. It’s not some snobby rich people thing, so educate yourself on the subject in case you decide to have children.

  4. I’m a doula, and I know all about the importance of cord blood and it’s miraculous properties. But don’t you find it ridiculous to clamp and cut your baby’s cord immediately after birth, then pay hundreads (and even thousands) of dollars to have the cord blood taken from the cord, frozen and kept in case the baby gets cancer, when the simple act of delayed cord clamping allows your baby to assimilate all it’s cord blood immediately and benefit from it’s protection from the very start? Also, immediate clamping and cutting of the cord leaves the baby with only 2/3 of it’s total blood volme in it’s body while the rest is taken from him/her. Just wait 15 minutes to clamp and cut and it’ll save you money and trouble and your baby will benefit a whole bunch from it.

    • Hi, interesting comment. Would like to know what is the difference in waiting 15 minutes…isnt it the same if the baby was born 15 minutes earlier?
      If not, would like to know if it is still possible ot preserve the cord blood after waiting the 15 minutes that you suggest.
      Thank you! Have a good one

      • Having an association with Cord blood banking on a Public perspective perhaps all those commenting should be better educated before making a criticism. Many lives have been saved thanks to those generous families who have donated their baby’s cord blood. There is no scientific proof one way or another that any baby is being deprived of any of its blood volume by clamping and cutting the cord shortly after birth – I would be very interested in such a study if it exists. Once the baby is born and it takes it first breath huge physiological changes occur and the excess blood may in fact take more effort to process through the baby’s immature liver and potentially increase the risk of jaundice. Not proven not disproven.
        All I know for certain is that there is proof that Cord Blood has treated many that didn’t have any other options and are alive today as a result. Good on The Rancic’s for promoting it. It isn’t a given that their’s wasn’t donated.

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