Kevin Federline & Victoria Prince’s California Cutie

So sweet.

Former back up dancer Kevin Federline was spotted stepping out for a bite to eat at the Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas, Calif. on Monday (July 30) with his two ladies Victoria Prince and their daughter Jordan, nearly 1.

We spotted Victoria last week when she made a quick Starbucks stop before grabbing groceries at Ralph’s with Kevin and Britney Spear‘s youngest boy Jayden James, 5.

Kevin is also father to son Sean Preston, 6, with ex-wife and pop star Britney Spears and children Kori, 9, and Kaleb, 7, with ex Shar Jackson.



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  1. What’s so adorable about her? Because she’s a celebrity kid? Actually she’s not even a celebrity because both Victoria and Kevin are nobodies. She’s average looking.

  2. Shes average at most, common boring brown eyes nothing special…fat kid. I love blue eyes on childrens the best cause blue eyes stand out, everyone and their dog has brown or dark eyes.

    • Mee- common boring brown eyes??? . I am glad you LOVE blue eyes on kids but there are many people and even dogs out there with beautiful BROWN eyes. She is not a fat kid. she is a chubby baby (big difference). Hope all your kids have blue eyes and not ugly common brown ones.

    • mee–wow, you’re a JERK. what a disgusting thing to say, and so offensive. it’s always so pathetic when people sit behind their computers and talk big and put others down. i bet you wouldn’t dare say that about brown eyes to someone’s face but i’d sure as hell call you AN ASS to your face.

  3. Ok, i don’t find her what you called a “cute” baby… She looks a lot like her mother who’s not a beauty. Maybe she will be cuter when she’ll grow up. Kevin’s other kids are way more beautiful

  4. Who gets on the internet to talk about how not cute a baby is? What the hell is wrong with you people? Did someone piss in your Cheerios?

      • It’s so disgusting how people use the “honest” word so they can justify saying dumb, mean-spirited and downright ugly things. If you are the ugliest piece of sh*t I ever laid eyes on, it’s still rude of me to say so. It’s even dumber to talk about a baby like that.

        But go ahead, be honest. Honestly, you’re an idiot.

  5. I think she’s a pretty baby girl. She is still so young and of course she will look a little chunky, she’s a baby! She is no where near filled out yet and just give it a few years before you even think about judging her-you have no idea what she will look like then & nobody should say mean things about anyone and especially not a baby! Only someone truly evil would say something nasty about a baby. I mean come on people she is far from ugly.

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