What’s In Snooki’s Glam Hospital Bag?

Nicole ‘Snooki‘ Polizzi is preparing her hospital bag for the birth of her firstborn child, and the reality TV starlet plans to go glam as she heads to the delivery room!

“I’m packing heels, my leopard-print gown, eyelashes and makeup!” the Jersey Shore star tells In Touch.

The mom-to-be, 24, also plans on wearing her push gift – a Pandora bracelet packed with baby charms – that she trusts her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, will slide on her wrist before September. “I wanna look good when [my baby Lorenzo] first sees me,” she tells the mag.

Next up for the parents-to-be? Preparing for their upcoming nuptials.

“We’re gonna go to Vegas [for the bachelor/bachelorette parties],”she says, and admits they haven’t starting planning the wedding just yet. “Within a year or two,” adds Jionni. “You know, first the baby then we’ll take that next step.”


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  1. This chick is so delusional. Birth will be a smack of reality right in face. She needs to leave her heels and her eyelashes at home and replace with comfy slippers and her biggest granny panties.

    • Why? Because YOU think she should? Lots of women primp for childbirth. Whether or not she keeps the eyelashes on or not is her business. If she gets an epidural or goes for a scheduled c-section, she won’t be the first woman to do it in full makeup.

      • Anonymous- Yes, it is my opinion HENCE reason for comment board. Futhermore, this girl is clueless and you seem pretty clueless as well. FYI- You cant even wear makeup or nail polish during your c-section and even if you get an epidural you still are pushing and look spent afterwards. Your comment makes it seem like you can go to hospital in full makeup get epidural or c-section and pop baby born and call the camera man for my close up so I can assume you have not had kids yet.

        • Not only have I had them, I had two of them, naturally. I also have many relatives and friends who have had children and I know of AT LEAST one of them who went for their c-section made up like crazy INCLUDING nail polish, so stop assuming that every hospital has the same rules.

          Wanting to have your hair and makeup done is not delusional if people are doing it all the time. She doesn’t *need* to do anything just because *you* think she does. It’s pretty presumptuous to think that because *you* wanted granny panties, that everyone else MUST do that as well.

  2. Is she packing the nanny too? Otherwise she’s in for a rude awakening once the baby is here. She’s off her rocker if she plans on leaning her brand new baby in the care of others so she can glam herself up. Ugh, she makes me sick, especially since I’ve lost two much loved and wanted pregnancies this year already.

    • M- I am deeply sorry for your losses. It does hurt alot to read these type of articles when you are struggling to have a much loved child. I hope someday soon you will have the much anticipated and loved baby you are trying for.

    • I’m sorry for your losses, too, but by all accounts, she is anxiously and happily awaiting the birth of her baby. Why would that make you sick?

      • I admit I haven’t read all the articles about her, but I’ve yet to see one myself where she says anything close to being anxiously and happily awaiting the birth of this child. I’ve read one where she said “ewwww” about the ultrasound picture, one where she said its good giving birth is like pooping because she likes pooping, one where she said she was going to “rock” her heels till she fell-and fall she did, and now this one about glamming herself up in false eyelashes, heels and her push present so she looks good the first time the baby sees her. She’s self absorbed and thats why she makes me sick. I truly hope for the child’s sake that she gets a huge wake-up call after holding that precious miracle in her arms. Once that baby is here, it’s not about her anymore.

        • Saying stupid things is the way that she gets paid… I’m sure she’ll end up being a great mother. She justs needs a chance.

  3. mmm not too sure once those hard contractions kick in she’ll be thinking of glamour and fashion !
    oh well, if it makes her more comfortable, good luck to her. She may surprise all of us and turn a corner once her little baby is born

  4. Oh my….gawd. I seriously cannot believe how snooki is acting and actually publishing about her upcoming birth and child she has to make her PRIORITY and not her stupid lame show and glamour and heels. I am 26 years old, and I don’t have a child yet. But I do have some sense on how difficult raising a child is and how child birth will be like. It’s not a dang picnic in the park, and it isn’t like pooping as how her other article is. I cannot WAIT to see this poor innocent lil boy be raise by such a ego self obsorbed woman. I feel so bad for the baby. He has no idea how stupid his mom is. Hopefully for his sake, she will change….but I doubt it. Watch she will let someone else raise her baby.ugh.

  5. CDFU….she wants to look good for her baby?? Ummm newsflash airhead. The baby doesn’t care!!!! If anything I’d be more worried that he doesn’t recognize you without your makeup someday!

  6. I had my makeup on during labor. Was that wrong? Does that mean I needed a reality check? What about those women who go into labor mid-day? My guess is they have their makeup on. Hell, I even fixed mine before we left the house. my contractions were a breeze and I felt that I was able to freshen up–who knows, maybe she won’t want to freshin’ up. Don’t hate though because she has a plan and doesn’t realize the reality–she’ll learn, just like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US DID. Also, who knows what kind of mom she’ll be, she will learn. Like we all did.

    • I hardly think calling me a hag because I feel that Snooki is being unrealistic in her expectations of wearing her fake eyelashes and high heels in the delivery room is called for. It’s one thing to wear make up to the delivery room (if my water had not broken at midnight, I would have had my make up on too) and quite another to glam yourself up like you are out for a night on the town. It’s not just this one article, it’s the culmination of all the self absorbed, rediculous things she’s said that bother me. My thoughts are my thought. You can disagree with me, but calling names isn’t necessary.

    • Anonymous calling myself and others hags just shows why you are such a devoted fan of Snooki. NO CLASS. Can we please avoid name calling?

      • You called this woman delusional and clueless, but if someone calls you a ‘hag’, you have a problem.

        Alrighty then.

        • yes I have a big problem with you or anyone else calling me a hag. I dont put my private business out there and I am not on reality tv making money off this garbage so no one has the right to call me or anyone else on this board a HAG cause you dont know us. Snooki puts all her business out there so she puts herself in position to be judged. understand now.

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