Kate Beckinsale: Motherhood Has Made Me “Emotionally Raw”

British beauty Kate Beckinsale is back on the big screen this month in Total Recall, directed by none other than her husband Len Wiseman. The busy mama – she has 13-year-old daughter Lily Mo – recently took time out to chat to Parade.com about movies, marriage and motherhood.

On motherhood: “I have found being a mother has made me emotionally raw in many situations. You heart is beating outside your body when you have a baby.”

On working with her husband: “We really do see eye to eye and tend to have the same tastes and you want to have that with a director. As an actor, you want to have a shared goal. And one of the things about this industry that makes you start regretting that you ever went into it is that once you have a family and a relationship, there is so much potential separation. That is very disruptive. [Even during this film] I’ve still been complaining endlessly since Len has been in post-production and has been camping in the studio for months. But we were able to bypass much [of the separation] this time so it makes you feel like you’ve dodged a bullet.”

On what Lily thinks of her films: “She won’t watch Underworld because she thinks the trailer is too scary but she has seen this one and she really likes it. And she was around a lot on set. I think she thinks it’s cool but she doesn’t dwell on it that much.”

Read Kate’s entire interview at Parade.com

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