Kim Kardashian Tweets A Messy Mason

I scream, you scream…

Two-year-old Mason Disick got a special treat from his aunt Kim Kardashian this week: Ice cream! The reality star Tweeted this very cute collage of her nephew enjoying his “bedtime snack.” Looks like he loved every last bite!

We’re still awaiting our first glimpse of Mason’s baby sister Penelope Scotland, who was born on July 9.

“She had an easy delivery,” grandma Kris Jenner reported of her daughter Kourtney Kardashian shortly after the birth. “[Penelope] is so cute. She looks just like Mason. She’s so beautiful. We are so happy.”


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  1. I think Kim should stop posting pictures of him. His mum is never round when the pictures are taken plus I’ve never seen her posting, so why should her sister do it. Not to mention ice-cream before bed! :X

    • Kim’s not the only one posting pics of him. They all do that, even the younger stepsisters Kendall and Kylie. If Kourtney had any trouble with that, I’m sure she would have told them. I mean, seriously, we’re talking about Kardashians here. Isn’t that what they do for a living?

  2. Please cut that child’s hair and you can tell Kim hasn’t had kids before by giving him chocolate before bed! Good one Kim!

  3. I’m suprised as much as they love the attention we haven’t seen Penelope yet……maybe they’re waiting for the highest bid. Wouldn’t put it passed them.

    And umm so the kid has ice cream before bed. Not the end of the world. And certainly not your child to worry about it.

  4. Kim is Mason’s KiKi! Trust me, if Kourtney had a issue with the family posting pictures, she would have told them a long time ago. It is Kourtney after all, lol, you know she’s one to speak her mind. Mason is so handsome, love him. 🙂 And BTW, Kendall ad Kylie are their half sisters, not step sisters.

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