Alyson Hannigan Shops With Her Sweeties

Actress Alyson Hannigan had the whole family in town yesterday as she hit the shops in Brentwood, California (August 3).

Looking sweet in her stripes, 3-year-old Satyana stuck close to her mom as they browsed the racks of clothes and shoes. Baby sister Keeva Jane missed out on most of the fun, though, catching a cat nap in her stroller.

While Alyson’s hit show How I Met Your Mother will have its 8th season premiere in September, her husband Alexis Denisof will be back on the big screen this year in Josh Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing.


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    • Of course she uses a nanny. Both she and her husband have full-time, intense jobs. Who do you think cares for her children while she shoots. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

      How about you stop judging people who use nannies, unless you’re going to judge every parent that dumps their kid in daycare all day, too.

    • Just because you see her one-on-one with her daughters when she’s not working doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a nanny. She simply likes spending time with them and doesn’t need a nanny 24/7 — only when she’s working. What a concept!

    • Just because she’s spending time one-on-one with her daughters doesn’t mean she doesn’t use a nanny. Most people don’t take nannies with them when they want to spend time with their kids and they are not working. Duh.

  1. Loved her since Buffy (I’m a huge fan) and she is just so darn cute! both of them- and I like that she has an orange tabby like me, although hers probably doesn’t weigh as much as Omar- 20 pounds of cat! Keeva and Satyana are precious.

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