Jessica Alba & Her Coldwater Canyon Park Crew

Actress Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren and the couples two daughter Honor, 4, and Haven, nearly 1, were spotted enjoying a sunny day together at Cold Water Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday (August 4).

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jessica is trying to teach her two daughters that being a princess isn’t just about a prince “coming in and sweeping you off your feet.”

Although Honor enjoys fairy tales, Jess is keen on thwarting the illusion of what life is really all about.

“[Honor] loves anything with a princess or a mermaid or a fairy,” Jess admits. “She has no discretion. And the princess books we have are all about princesses also helping people who are in need, who don’t have the things we have. I try to give her a spin on it so it’s not just about a prince coming in and sweeping you off your feet and that’s the best day of your life.”

“A princess’ job is to help with the children who don’t have clothes. Or to help clean up the planet. That’s something I talk to her about. Real princesses give back to the earth and they’re kind to animals and I try to tell her that’s what being a princess is.”

Jessica continues to say that popular culture is starting to make an impact on Honor’s life, joking that her daughter confused singer Nicki Minaj with an animated voice.

“I guess the most recent issue was that she saw Ice Age 4 the other day with her cousins and one of her cousins was like ‘Nicki Minaj!’ So all Honor talked about all day was that Nicki Minaj is a voice,” she laughs. “She was like, ‘Even though they’re animals, they’re really people who are inside of the animals helping them talk. And Nicki Minaj.’ I was like, ‘You don’t even know who Nicki Minaj is!’ She was messing up the name.”









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  1. I think they’re very cute. Geez what a cruel way to talk about babies – sad that us ladies have to deal with judgements like that right from the get go.

  2. I think Haven looks identical to her mom esp in pic#12. No wonder this country is going downhill, look at how people respond to pictures of little babies! Sick to say children are ugly, and by the way I think her girls are absolutely beautiful. Some people are beautiful inside and out and some (prior posts) are ugly inside.

  3. I’m kind of fascinated by Haven’s coloring, amongst her family with darker hair and skin! I mean, I know about genes and probably Jessica and Cash had recessive red hair and pale skin genes, it’s just fun to see it play out in reality.

  4. I think both of these little girls are just beautiful. I think Honor looks more like her dad but I think Haven looks more like her mom. I hate when cruel rude heartless people say that little kids are ugly and especially as young as Jessica’s kids! These girls have many more years before they truly develop into their own looks & it is very mean to even think about judging them at such young ages-you have no idea what they will end up looking like in the future. Even though Haven is fair-skinned now, I bet her skin coloring will change as she gets older. They are beautiful and nobody should say that they aren’t. Remember think about what you say before you say it!

  5. Just because these girls are celebrity children. Everyone has to say they are beautiful. Some people find some celebrity children “ugly” Max Jordan Emmy Shiloh and the list goes on.

    • Sure there are “ugly” children, just like there are “ugly” adults (of which you are one). And I’m not talking about looks……

  6. I don’t think they’re ugly children but I do think they look like someone else’s children! I guess sometimes you expect kids to look a certain way based on how their parents look. It’s clear that the dna genes go back to other relatives bc although I think they both have Cash’s noses neither of the girls look much like their parents.

  7. Jessica Alba’s children are beautiful!
    I do not understand how anyone can call a child/baby/toddler ugly!
    Haven just has different colouring to the rest of her family which isnt unusual – a girl who was at my school was pale with white blonde hair – all her family where tanned and brown there was no denying she was related. my brother is blonde( slightly ginger as a baby)and blue eyes different to everyone else in the family yet we looked like twins as kids apart from that. Its all just genetics doesnt make anyone ugly or not related probably just that bit more special to have in the family.

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