Scott Disick & Mason: Beach Bummin’ It

Boy’s day at the beach!

Scott Disick and his 2 ½-year-old son Mason were snapped enjoying some sun, sand and surf in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (August 4).

The daddy-son duo – one sporting navy blue shorts and the other a diaper – looked to be enjoying the day as they played in the water and walked up the beach. Mama Kourtney Kardashian was likely at home with Mason’s sister Penelope, born July 8th.

It seems the younger Disick dude ended his day tuckered out.

“Had a great day in malibu,” Scott wrote on his Twitter page. “Now the lord is off to sleep.”



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  1. I’m not a parent, and I’m not trying to start an argument, but should a two and a half year old still be wearing diapers?

    • That is not that unusual, especially for a little boy. Boys are generally slower to “train” and if you start too soon, it just takes longer. Also, this may be just for the beach, when finding a place to “go” fast may be harder.

  2. Perfectly normal. Many boys do not potty train until about 3. Girls sometimes tend to be faster. I babysat for a little boy who was potty trained at 20 months. But I babysat a girl who was still 3 and in diapes. It all depends on the child. Some kids just don’t care for going on the potty while others can’t wait to be out of diapers. But none of it should be forced bc most kids will just pick it up when they’re ready.

  3. I agree with Nina. He should be potty trained because its not like his parents are so busy “working”. Also that diaper looks a size too small.

  4. he may also be wearing a ‘water nappy’.
    my niece who is mason’s age is fully toilet trained but her parents still use those water nappies when she is swimming, just in case ! haha Scott may not just want to run the risk.
    anyway, he’s a cute little man who seems to be happy and healthy 🙂

  5. Not concerned about the nappy, but how about pulling up your shorts “Lord Disick” before I get sick from your oh so not happy trail.

  6. Gemi – you obviously don’t have kids. I don’t know one kid that was 4 and wasn’t fully potty trained. Most kids are trained by 2-2 1/2 not 4. SMH.

    • I used to work as an assistant in a Kindergarten classroom, and there were some children who weren’t fully potty trained by 4 years old.
      So while ‘most kids’ are trained by 2-2 1/2, not ALL children are.

    • I don’t know one person who has ever seen God, yet they insist that he exists.

      Moral of the story: Just because YOU didn’t see it doesn’t make it untrue.

  7. I’m seeing so many more pictures of Scott just with Mason since their daughter was born. Could be a coincidence, but I think it’s interesting he just had a daughter and is spending so much time with just the one (male) child.

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