The Affleck Siblings: Farmer’s Market Fun

Sweet Samuel Affleck, 5 months, was seen with his big sisters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, on an outing with their grandma and some friends. They made a visit to the farmer’s market in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (August 5) to pick out some fresh fruits and vegetables.

The kids’ famous parents – Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck – were not spotted with the group.

The Garner-Afflecks are just back from a visit to Jen’s home state of West Virginia, and she says the kids are still adjusting from the trip.

“My kids are adjusting from East Coast time,” Jen told USA Today. “So my baby thought three in the morning, it was morning. And then I finally got him down for a nap at 4:30 a.m. and then I was having a sleepover with my middle daughter, and she woke up just as I got the youngest down.”


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  1. The kids’ famous parents – Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck – were not spotted with the group.
    Then why purchase and post these pictures???? The children & their grandma, nanny, etc. aren’t the celebrities. I can understand an interest in celebs and their families, but I have no interest in looking at pictures of other people’s children when they are not with their celebrity parent.

    • Does it really make a difference? So it’s ok to invade the kids privacy, as long as the parent is standing next to them?

  2. Why bother! Did it seriously not cross your mind that others might indeed be interested in seeing the three lovely kids, without their parents?

  3. > Did it seriously not cross your mind that others might indeed be interested in seeing the three lovely kids, without their parents?

    That’s what’s kind of disturbing, at least to me it is.
    How would you like it if your children were kind of randomly ‘chosen’ to be seen as lovely kids, by the whole world? To be photographed, wherever, whenever, just because they’re ‘lovely’?
    They’re children, human beings: not objects at display! Them just being lovely is no excuse to stalk them and rob them of their (private, anonymous) childhood.

    • Thanks Louisa – your comment is spot on. Frankly, I think it’s a bit creepy for adults to be trolling the internet looking for pictures of children — outside the context of being photographed with their famous parents.

    • Thanks for your comment Louisa – my original response to you didn’t make the cut for some reason, so here I go again. You are absolutely right and I echo your sentiments 100%. It is very disturbing to think that there are adults out there that come to the site NOT to see the celebs but to see the babies and young children. It’s one thing to be interested in a celeb and their family, but quite another to seek out opportunities to see only the kids.2

      • Why does this disturb you? Don’t you realize People magazine and others pay millions of dollars for celeb baby pictures, because PEOPLE WANT TO SEE THEM?
        There’s nothing to be disturbed about, unless you’re having weird thoughts about these kids. We’re just looking at them.

    • And just because their parents are with them doesn’t make any difference. You’re here on this site just like the rest of us, celebrity BABY scoop. Get over yourself.

  4. Andrea, if you have not interest in looking kids pictures without their parents, what are you doing in this website? its called Celebrity BABY scoop, its about all the babies, with or without their parents.
    By the way, I love little Samuel and the girls. They are my fav celebrity family, with the Warrens and the Denisofs.

    • With all due respect, I beg to differ. It’s about celebrities with kids (or expecting kids). Do you seriously come to the site primarily to see young children?

    • I come to the site to see CELEBRITIES (who happen to have kids). Since I have kids myself, I am interested in celebs who have families too as this is probably the only thing we have in common. I am not interested in seeing pictures of young kids without their parents.

      Seriously?? Your comment is a bit disturbing.

      • If you’re looking for websites of celebrities, perhaps celebrity BABY scoop is the wrong one for you as it is geared towards the BABIES. I would recommend People or USWeekly.

    • That little boy looks so much like Ben Affleck when he was a baby (see baby pic of him on his page at **) it’s not even funny. I also think the girls look more like Jen but I can see Ben in them too. Beautiful children.

  5. The baby is the spitting image of Violet! I think Seraphina looks more like Ben and Violet looks more like Jen, but they all share features from both parents.

  6. They are not just “randomly chosen to be seen as lovely kids” …..they are a celebrities’ children.

    I feel like it would be nice if the paps left the kids alone when they are hanging out and just being kids, rather than at an event. At an event you are putting yourself out there to be photographed, but when you are just going for a walk or playing in the park it does seem a little much. Anyway, it’s not random.

  7. Is it really necessary to have multiple nannies for just three kids, and then have them working on a Sunday-weekend?! Why have kids if you’re not going to take care of them?

    • I don’t think your comment about why have children if you arn’t going to take care of them is valid with this family. Jennifer is seen looking like most mums taking her children to dance classes and the library without any help. Don’t all parents deserve the occassional day off? and to earn the money that they do they have to work you know. If I had their sort of money I would be happy to hire people I trust to look after them when I can’t.

    • Why do a large percentage of Americans have children then? They just dump their kids in day care for 8, 9, 10 hours a day.

      Same thing.

  8. CBB is just doing what every other site does and keeping up w/ the competition. Don’t blame them for purchasing photos that somebody else took. Your here looking!

    With that said, Samuel looks so much like Violet! What a cutie!

  9. It’s not going to stop so may as well just enjoy the photos. I hope the paps take their pictures and then leave them alone. I’ve heard that is the case. I can’t imagine they follow them around all day.

    • If you think the paps leave them alone, you are delusional. Have you ever seen video footage of what goes on?? These men literally swarm the children like a pack of rabid monkeys and call out to them. Very unsettling experience for a young child and there should be limitations on where these men can hang out — i.e. not at playgrounds, schoolyards, people’s homes.

    • “Enjoy the photos”??? I don’t think so. A lot of these photos are taken under duress and it’s pretty clear that the children are distressed and upset by the paps’ behaviour. Shame on you.

  10. Funny how most of up you are saying it ok know to post celebrity kids with out their parents. When any other day many of you have been agenst it, calling the pops stalkers and saying how they need to leave the kids alone.

    • You do realize there are more than 10 people who visit this site, right? So it’s possible that these are different people voicing their different opinions.

  11. Haha apparently the Anonymous and the Andrea from the beginning think all of the people on here to see celebrity kids without the celebrity are pedophiles? What morons. If you are so concerned about seeing these normal, well taken care of celebrity children on a legit and wholesome, well monitored site, called Celebrity BABY Scoop, but (eee gads!) occassionally without their parents, here’s an idea, ladies: scurry your little paranoid selves over to your local police dept and say: Hey officers, stop your detective work and keeping the streets safe for a while- I need to compain about this website called Celebrity BABY Scoop!- which I go on WILLINGLY!- because there are people on there who don’t seem to mind when the kids are seen alone or with their nannies- but without their parents (nail biting anxiety!)- which is disturbing me that these people who like seeing celeb family pictures and news are “trolling for young children.” Then see them all LAUGH in your face! Idiots.

  12. Only in Hollywood do parents need to hire nannies! Sorry, I just don’t agree with having children only to hire help from outsiders to assist in raising and taking care of them… My mother had 6 children and we never had nannies!! 🙂

    • Good for your mother. She was also probably completely stressed out and wanted to kill herself and her kids at any given moment.

  13. I agree with DJ. I never had a nanny nor did anyone I knew growing up and we/they have many more kids than Jennifer does. It’s pathetic how she needs 3 different people to take 3 kids out. The women and men today don’t want to take care of their own kids – they shouldn’t have them then.

    • I’m thinking about every person in my office with young kids and every single one of them has childcare while they’re at work.

      So why did any of them have kids, only to pay someone else to raise them?

  14. How do you know the nannies are only for the weekends are you a friend of the family? I doubt its more like your a crazy fan who thinks they know these people personally.

    Who do you think is taking care of the baby when Jen is doing running around with the girls a nanny I don’t think they leave him home by his self.

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