Kristin Davis: “As A Single Mom You Have To Be On Your Toes”

She may be one of the busiest mamas on the planet – currently starring in Broadway’s The Best Man while trying to raise daughter Gemma Rose – but actress Kristin Davis is not complaining on bit.

“The show is at night most of the days, so I spend all morning and all day with her then I go do the show at night,” the 47-year-old Sex and the City alum tells PEOPLE. “It’s actually [a] really great schedule for a mom. I’m able to be with her and have a job, which is rare and wonderful.”

And being home during the day with her little one has allowed the proud mama to witness many major milestones – including watching her baby girl wobble her way toward taking her first few steps.

“She’s trying to walk — she hasn’t walked totally alone, but she walks with furniture,” Kristin reveals. “She’s doing great. I’m not trying to push her.”

“Especially as a single mom, you have to be really on your toes,” she adds. “Once they start moving around as well, you can’t be foggy.”

Although she’ still mastering those first footsteps, Gemma definitely has a destination in mind – her bin of books.

“In L.A. we have a big bin of books and a big bin of toys and in the morning, when we go to play, she goes for the book bin,” Kristin shares. “I’m very proud of her.”

Kristin welcomed her daughter last summer through domestic adoption.

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