Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Lunch Duo

Rachel Zoe took Skyler for lunch at Hugo’s Cafe in West Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (August 6). As they were leaving the energetic toddler decided to run around the parking lot. With her long tan dress and brown wedges the fashionista managed to get a hold of him.

Zoe recently celebrated three years of running her online site The Zoe Report. She Tweeted: “Can’t believe it’s already been 3 glamorous years…happy birthday @thezoereport! xoRZ”

And now that she’s not filming any more shows for Bravo – she’s busy creating fashions. For New York Fashion Week she’ll be showing off her new collection at the tents for the first time.




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  1. What kind of stone is his nekclace made out of? I wonder why he wears it so much. Does anyone know the background on it?

  2. I saw a picture of Mason wearing that same necklace. Skyler is such a cute and chubby little boy. He is adorable.

  3. omg i have only just realised Skyler is a boy!. For the past year i have glanced at photos on here but never really paid much attention to them or read article as no idea who Rachel Zoe is. Today i took more notice for some reason and realised it says hes her son. Pretty boy. Guess though most toddlers can pass for either sex though especially dressed in unisex clothes.

  4. I think she looks that old because she is sooooo skinny…come on! Even during her pregnancy. She looks so…I can’t even find a word for that. It seems to get all the way down week to week…

    • I’ll help you out Doreen–
      How about “emaciated”, “haggard”, “withered” and my personal fave, “an unmade bed”??

  5. I’m lol at an unmade bed…that really sums up Rachel’s look. But her baby boy is absolutely adorable. He has the cutest little chubby face and for once Rachel has him dressed like a normal little boy

  6. She’d be better off saying she’s 55, then people would say she looks good for her age.
    I mean, if she’s actually 40… yikes.

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