Cheryl Hines & Catherine: Premiere Pals

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines hit the red carpet with her 8-year-old daughter Catherine at the premiere of The Odd Life of Timothy Green in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (August 6). The mother-daughter duo were all hugs and smiles as they posed for pictures at the Hollywood event.

The actress, 46, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her close bond with her only child.

“We do a lot of dancing in the living room, cake baking and things like that. I think it’s all about having fun.” She added, “We do pedicures and get our nails done too. I tell ya, she’s like my little best friend.”

Cheryl currently stars on the television series, Suburgatory, alongside Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy.


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  1. She isn’t ugly, her teeth are. She has good features, cute eyes, cute noes, but her teeth distract, her teeth are ugly. But just because the parent has money doesn’t mean she should fix them right away, she is probably waiting because her teeth might still be baby teeth, or waiting for the right age to get her braces.

  2. Mom may have looked like that too, when she was younger…the little girl is her clone. She in an awkward stage of life, not everyone can look like Cindy crawford’s daughter 😀

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion….. however, didn’t anyone ever teach you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all? She is a little girl for crying out loud, you big bully! I personally think she is actually a very cute little girl with beautiful eyes and pretty hair.

    • she’s not a bully unless she’s catching this kid on the way home from school and saying to her “you have ugly teeth, nanner nanner nanner!”.
      you’re a very sheltered person if you think nothing bad is ever said.
      we are on website that encourages comments, we are allowed to comment, especially when teeth are that fugly. I still think bobbii brown’s teeth are the worst though.

      • People who say ugly things about innocent children (especially when it’s something they can’t help) are bullies…..I don’t care what you say. There are some children that I have seen on this site that I do not think are very cute, and I just choose not to comment because really why would anyone want to say something hurtful about a child?

        • It’s not hurtful unless the person is saying it to the child, and she’s not.
          Just like your thoughts about the ugly children you’ve seen on here, the children don’t know about them so who cares? I don’t understand why you people like to whine so much. put your energy towards something useful.

      • There is a difference in bullying and what we are seeing on here is people Cyber Bullying this poor girl. I think Cheryl’s daughter is a beautiful little girl and yes her teeth need fixed but she’s at the age where they can’t do anything to get them fixed yet!

        So people who don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all especially if your an adult and making fun of a child!

  4. It’s damaging to call a child ugly, especially one that’s going through puberty, etc. Teeth can be fixed, and they do not define someone as ugly or pretty. Leave the girl alone, she looks like a sweet kid. (This is coming from someone who had terrible teeth as a child – and it really did hurt to be called ‘buck teeth’ or whatever)

  5. She is a very pretty little girl, but she does have problems with her teeth. At 8 those are permanent teeth, but depending on what her issues are, she might simply be too young for orthodontics. I have no doubt that she’ll have braces when the dentist decides it’s the right time.

    It’s cute, though, the way she has mom’s original nose. 🙂

  6. She’s a cute kids. As to braces it may not be time yet. My children used the same orthodontist and one’s went on at 13, one at 16 and one at 15. Each case is different.

    • True. My son is 15 and we were told by the dentist to wait until now. Her teeth are really unattractive and I’m sure her mother will go to the orthodontist when it’s time.

  7. She is a really pretty little girl but yes her teeth are quite large and distracting. But it could just be the way she’s smiling. I think many kids smile funny when they’re young. My nephew has the biggest 1 front tooth that is growing out right now and he tends to smile funny making the tooth stick out even farther! Once kids get bigger they tend to manage a better smile or fix it. Whatever the choice she or her mother make she’s really growing up to be a beautiful young lady.

  8. They may be waiting until Catherine a particular age when all her teeth are adult teeth.

    Calling a little girl ugly is mean and pathetic.

  9. Hello! Her daughter is 8. I’m sure, and obviously, the child will get braces when she’s a tad bit older. I don’t know any child who gets braces that young. Be nice. She’s an innocent young girl, who is super cute! It’s always questionable when adults speak so negatively about kids, because there is obviously a lack of simple compassion in ones heart!!!

  10. She is a cutie and probably a real sweetheart! Yes, her teeth are obnoxious looking but not one of is perfect and we all have flaw. She’s only 8! She’s still has a lot of growing up to do. Some people are just down right ignorant for the comments they post but everyone is entitled to there own opinion, even if it’s not pleasant!

  11. Sorry but the truth is that kid is ugly. She needs a chin implant ASAP. She inherited her moms horse teeth but no chin.

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