Felicity Huffman & Her Flygirl

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman and her 11-year-old daughter Sophie were seen departing Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday (August 7). The pretty pair walked hand-in-hand past the nearby paparazzi at LAX.

Little sis Georgia, 10 – Felicity’s youngest child with husband William H. Macy – was not spotted with the duo.

The mom-of-two recently wrote a thoughtful article on her blog WhatTheFlicka.com about raising tweens.

“I can see that looking at my daughters with frustration, disappointment and worry about their future is WAY out of adjustment,” she wrote. “Yes, my daughters are self-involved, short sighted, and can be really mean to each other. But that is their CURRENT behavior.”

The actress encourages parents to keep in mind that even the annoying behaviors are normal, and shall pass in time.

“I am trying to remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be those kinds of adults,” she continued. “They grew out of pooping in their pants, crying when they didn’t get their way, and not being able to eat a Popsicle without wearing it, so why don’t I give them some room, to figure out this stuff too. Not that I condone bad behavior, but I don’t condemn them for it.”

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