Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones: Our Kids Are Actors

Hope Springs costars Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones cover the August/September issue of AARP The Magazine and open up about their new film on the often taboo subject of mid-life sexuality. They also talk about their longtime careers and family life.

On passing the acting torch to their children: Streep: “I’m delighted that we can share some things and that I have some experience that can be of comfort to her.” Jones: “It makes you feel good when your kids choose to do the thing that you do even as much as you come home and complain about it.”

On finding passion at any age: Streep: “I find the older I get, the more intense my appetite for living and for appreciating life gets…You realize you’ve got just seconds.” Jones: “I don’t do anything that is not fun. I just don’t do it. I’m a hedonist.”

On making marriage work: Streep: “You live through all sorts of stuff when you’re in a long marriage: real highs and lows, and things that strain—and solidify—your relationship.”

On being “bored” in a relationship: Streep: “If you’re bored with somebody, it’s because you’re bored with yourself. If you have a problem with somebody, often it’s something in yourself.” Jones: “I always told my children when they whined….Only the boring are bored.”

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