Tori Spelling Defends Her Bikini Bump

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! That’s expectant mom Tori Spelling‘s philosophy when it comes to showing off her beautiful baby bump.

The former 90210 star took to her blog today to fight back against critics who took her to task for baring her belly in sexy swimsuits this summer.

“A few months back, I caught a lot of flack on two separate occasions for bearing my baby bump in a bikini and monokini while spending the day poolside with my family,” wrote the pregnant mom-of-three. “I have to say, I’m super proud of my bump. Why should I be embarrassed and cover up something that’s the greatest gift a woman can experience? A pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful!”

Encouraging all expectant moms to “embrace your growing curves and bourgeoning belly,” Tori added that she thinks she’s passing on a positive message to her kids Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 9 months, by showing off her shape.

“As for setting an example as a mother – please. I’m making a conscious decision to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in.”

What do you think of Tori baring her bump?

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  1. “I’m making a conscious decision to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in.”

    If that really were the case, why all the plastic surgery?

    • She’s a joke–how about explaining one day how you cheated on your then husband with Dean who cheated on his then wife. Something the kids will be proud of. Sorry bikini’s are ok if you look great pregnant but the black lacey ugly number is way too sexy for a mom to be with her family; save it for Vegas baby.

      • In 20 years, if they are still married, their children won’t care if they were married before they met. And they don’t owe their children an explanation about that.

        Paul Newman cheated on his wife with his second wife and then have been married for 50 years and is now cited as an example of good marriage. (Where is Courtney when you need her?)

  2. So many pregnant Moms these days are going the route of showing the bump in a Bikini and your statement is right one. The only thing I wouldn’t do is wear the black MonoBikini as it isn’t as flattering and looks a little too sexy to be anywhere but in a backyard with the family. Not saying if I had the body I wouldn’t wear it but the fishnet look and all is a little much for the public pool. More Las Vegas Style with the Hubby..

  3. Are pregnant women supposed to crawl in a hole and die? There is nothing wrong with her bathing suits. I don’t ever see non-pregnant celebrities defending their right to wear a bikini……

    • She looks photoshop.

      Tori photoshop those pictures and airbrush all her imperfection away then posted photos. Why go to all that work when the message your trying to give off is pregnacy is beatyfull?

  4. I’m usually the first person to throw a rock at this shameful gal but in this instance I’m on her side, seeing nothing wrong w/ a pregnant woman in a bathing suit of any kind, even out in public and in front of cameras and no matter how far along in pregnancy she is.

  5. Some of us do not think a pregnant body is any more beautiful than fat is. Just because you have a baby inside you does not make the rest of us care and have to look at you in a bikini. That being said, many people wear bikinis who have no business doing so and I am not singling out Tori nor preggos in general. BUT, this particular suit is whoring looking at best. Nice mesh crotch! No one should wear this!

  6. Those daring and “candid” bikini shots were taken by her personal paparazzi agency Splash who make mama proud by photoshopping the heck out of them before sending them out to the magazines and websites.

    • Yeah, it’s not candid and on top of that who goes to the swimming pool wearing all that make up?! 😉 Just her and the kardashians..

  7. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but in my opinion the only thing that would look good on Tori is a brown bag covering her ugly face! She is hideous no ifs ands or buts about it!!

  8. The orange bikini isn’t too bad. I’ve seen that a lot these days. However that black number is not appropriate because its not really just showing her baby bump -it’s showing her crotch too! – just what the world wants to see!- Not! Lol! Save that for your hubby (who btw is looking pretty scruffy there!) The dogs are cute though! I agree that she is sending contradicting messages to her children if her idea is to show that pregnancy is not something to hide and that no one should be ashamed of their looks. That is laughable coming from her who has had all that plastic surgery to “change” her looks!

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