Rachel Zoe: Hats Off To Skyler!

Rachel Zoe took Skyler shopping at Kitson Kids in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (August 10). The fashionista mom let her tot play on the floor while she tried out different hats on him. He didn’t notice though. He was too busy playing with toy cars.

The day before she visited Vancouver to show off her Fall 2012 fashion collection at Canada’s Holt Renfrew department store.

She told TheProvince.com that she is branching out to do “home and fragrance, everywhere, no bets are off because I’m having so much fun.”

She added, “I’m really not very interesting. I’ve been with the same man for 21 years, I like to get into bed at 10 o’clock at night. I work all day and I’m with my son every minute and that’s my life.”



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  1. If your toes are hanging off the the front of your shoses, then their to small for you. As a stylist she should know that’s a no no.

    • If you want to indicate “they are”, then you should write “they’re” not “their”. As an English speaking adults (which I presume you are), you should know that.

      • The other commenter’s remark was bang-on —- Zoe is a disaster. Seriously, raise your hand if you aspire to look like her.

  2. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman toy-shopping with her baby/toddler in that high of heels. How does she not tip over while chasing him?!

  3. Skyler is super cute and love that he seems so not interested in hats but wants to play cars. Her toes are so funky. She can climb trees with those. Maybe she needs to start wearing Katie Holmes boots to cover those long things up.

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