Scott Disick & Mason: Lunch Buddies

Scott Disick and his 2-year-old boy Mason were photographed grabbing some lunch at a local eatery in Calabasas, Calif. on Friday (August 10). Reportedly, Scott then left Mason unattended in the car while he proceeded to grab a copy of Sport Boat magazine from a nearby newsstand.

Although little Mason is enjoying being a big brother to his new little sister Penelope, mama Kourtney Kardashian claims her sweet son is “bothered” by the smell of her breast milk.

“He doesn’t like the smell of breast milk,” Kourtney says. “It bothers him.”

Scott was quick to affirm Kourtney’s story.

“[Mason] told Kourtney, ‘Mom, you smell like milk,’” Scott concurs.

Besides the breast milk issue, it sounds like Mason doesn’t have a problem with being a supportive big brother and son.

“He’s adjusting to the whole thing so well,” Scott gushes.

“He’s in love with her,” Kourtney adds. “He’s always asking to hold her and cuddle her.”


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  1. Hmmm CBS fanning the flames a bit? Leaving Mason in the car needs some context before I will jump on the bandwagon and start vilifying Scott. Like how far away was the newsstand? If it was 10 feet away, I could understand wanting to run a very quick errand. Where all the windows rolled down? If it was a quick stop and there was plenty of fresh air and Scott could keep Mason in his sight, that is totally understandable. Was he buckled into his carseat? Hope so! Although a friend’s 2 year old can unbuckle her seat and get out (yikes!) so that doesn’t always make it safe. Just sounds to me like CBS wants to start a discussion about Scott’s actions. Interested to hear others take on it.

  2. Scott “reportedly left him unattended in a car.” Sound like second handed information and so inappropriate. The guy is doing his best. He is doing his part as a parent. Why to publish such a negative article?

  3. WOW…Scott takes Mason out alone..!!!!!…You never see pictures like this..hahaha Kourt prob told him to get the hell out so she can take care of Penny

  4. I don’t think Mason is that cute. Not to mention the fact that he looks NOTHING like Scott and he looks exactly like the guy Kourtney was sleeping with before she got back with Scott. Google him, Michael Girgenti. He and Mason are identical.

  5. Wow, I think Mason looks just like his dad, Scott. If you glance at the picture of Girgenti and look at Scott’s picture, there is no doubt in my mind that is Scott’s son. He is the cutest little boy and he is always smiling whenever his picture is taken.

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