Gordon Ramsay: Family Day At The Grove

Gordon Ramsay took his family shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on Friday (August 10).

His wife Tana wore a white fedora, jean shorts and a tee while walking with the celebrity chef and their children Matilda, 9, Megan, 13, and 11-year-old twins Jack and Holly.

Ramsay has a new series out called Hotel Hell. He’s now salvaging hotels and trying to save them from failure.

He has explained why he started the show.

“I think just on the back of the experiences I’ve experienced myself personally. I’ve stayed in thousands, literally thousands, and I have a small boutique hotel in London at Regent’s Park. I think on the back of the ups and downs and the, I suppose the laziness, that I started witnessing coming back from a long day at work or even a holiday with the kids, I always found there was something not quite right within the hotel.”

He also heard the concerns of the public.

He added, “I have e-mails over the last couple years, into the thousands, stating it’s all very well fixing restaurants, but there are hotels in dire straits that are ripping customers off.”


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