Jennifer Garner Totes Some Precious Cargo

Hands-on mama Jennifer Garner was spotted toting her adorable 5-month-old munchkin Samuel as the pair arrived at a New York City hotel on Monday (August 13).

“I just have crazy, crazy baby love,” Jen recently said in an interview with USA Today about the newest addition to her family. “My husband [Ben Affleck] says that I’m different with him [than with Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3] but I think I’ve always been crazy about babies. But he thinks that. What does he know?”

When is comes to the relentless snapping of the paparazzi and being excessively photographed, Jen has claims that complaining about it isn’t something that she chooses to “give energy to” but it still affects her nonetheless.

“So inside, I rage, and outside, I go through it. I mean, life is good. I cannot complain,” she says. “I would give anything for my kids not to be exposed, not to have to deal with this. It’s just constantly a choice. Is it better for them to get [photographed] in the parking lot of this place but for me to be with them? It’s just something that I try my best to navigate.”


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    • They chose to live in Hollywood, where the highest concentrations of paparazzi are. If the garner afflecks really wanted to make their children’s privacy a priority they could move.

      In all the photos of Ben he looks angry at the cameras, and his children are starting to get the same scowls when they are with him. At least Jen handles herself with a smile.

      The truth is that they are staying in Hollywood because they have made the choice that their careers are more important than avoiding the paparazzi. Ben needs to understand that it is the price he pays for being a celebrity couple who stays in the spotlight. You can’t cater to fame but then get pissed when you don’t have all the privacy of a normal civilian.

        • He has since relocated to LA – close to the Affleck family. Wonder why — it’s not like he was missing out on acting opportunities.

        • Matt Damon moved to New York 2 years ago.
          He just moved his family to LA/ Brentwood a few weeks ago. Matt now lives a few blocks from Ben and his family.

      • Best comment so far. Good to see amid all the frivolous cr*p you usually see on this board. You didn’t say this in your post, but there are those who have accused Garner of tipping the paps off and courting this publicity. Anyone who believes that is delusional —- Garner would have to have a screw loose to voluntarily subject herself and her children to 24/7 harassment from these aggressive, predatory men with cameras.

        • I don’t get that either. If she truly was an attention-seeker, she’d be on twitter, instagram, etc. 24/7 “sharing” all the deets about the minutiae of her life, her kids’ b-days, bowel movements, etc.

  1. Why does the baby have blue eyes when both parents have brown eyes? I guess genetics are interesting. Kind of like Jessica Albas daugther Haven who looks way different from her 2 parents. Or maybe Jenifer cheated on Ben!!! Probably not, probably just genetics.

    • The gene for brown eyes is dominant, the one for blue eyes recessive. That means that if you get the gene for brown eyes from your father, and the one for blue eyes from your mother, you will have brown eyes – but you still carry the gene for blue eyes. If your child inherits the gene for blue eyes from you and your husband, your child will have blue eyes. It’s actually very simple, and yes, genetics are extremely interesting.

      They also teach us that “keeping blood lines pure” is never a good idea, and that mixing with people of other places or races is actually the best we can do for our offspring. Genetics is the best argument against racism and xenophobia 🙂

      • My paternal grandmother (spanish jew) is white, blonde, and blue eyes and my grandfather is half black (afro-hispanic) with dark skin, dark hair, and dark brown eyes. My father and two of his siblings have caramel skin color and yellowis/green eyes and the other two have same skin color with dark brown eyes, all of them have dark hair. I guess when you mix races your children can be a mix of both parents, as well. Another example, my cousin and his wife have brown eyes and dark blonde hair, their first son is just like them, their second son has blue eyes with really blond hair, and it’s not bc she cheated since he looks just like my uncle. Genetics is incredibly interesting.

    • Eye colour determination can be somewhat explained by simple high school punnet square genetics, although it’s far more complex than that. I’m surprised that there are people out there who find it hard to understand how a brown-eyed couple could produce a blue-eyed baby.

          • Why? Because in the very first comment i wrote i already said it was genetics and that genetics are interesting and then i put a little joke how she could of cheated? What’s the not smart part? the me saying it’s genetics (which is what majority of the people who replied said and talked about)or the cheating part? If it’s the cheating part lol too bad it’s hilarious.

          • It’s just the fact that you talk about a baby’s blues eyes when a) the majority of babies have blue eyes when the are born b) it’s absolutely normal and not rare that parents with brown eyes have a child with blue eyes.

    • Jen’s mother has blue eyes…so it’s normal that this baby has blue eyes, if he has a grandmother with blue eyes. Nothing interesting .

    • Eye color is not determined until the baby is one/one and a half year old. A lot of newborn babies are blue-eyed, yet their eye color later changes. I really don’t understand how people don’t know that? Pure general knowledge.

    • If you did not miss the high school by the facts it can be born with the eyes of their grandparents … is the law of Mendel.

  2. He looks a lot like his sisters and Jen. Really cute. 2 brown-eyes parents = 1 blue-eyes baby => It’s all genetics, I beg one of the grand parents have blue eyes!

    I agree Haven doesn’t look like her parents or her sister.

  3. Samuel looks just like his big sister Saraphina. Haven looks like her Danish grandmother sometimes it skips a generation.

  4. Looking good JG!

    She looks so much better in skinny jeans and flip flops than clunky clogs and oversized flare jeans. She’s quickly getting her figure back and looks healthy and very happy! For having three children, she sure doesn’t look sleep deprived. She looks great!

  5. Both of his grandmothers (Ben’s mom Chris and Jen’s mom Pat) have blue eyes. Jen’s sister Melissa and Ben’s brother Casey also have blue eyes. I see why Jen is crazy about him, she has always wanted a baby boy. What I want to know is if he has dimples. lol

  6. I think Sam looks just like Ben!

    And my brother and I are both blue eyed spawns of two brown eyed parents! Babies are all born with blue eyes as someone already pointed out due to pigmatation in the eyes. Its possible his eyes could darken or stay blue!!

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