Jude Law Pals Around Primrose Hill With His Kids

Hugo star Jude Law was photographed moseying around Primrose Hill in London, England with his two children Iris, 11, and Rudy, 9 on Monday (August 13). Jude’s eldest son Rafferty, 15, was not spotted with the threesome today.

The handsome actor is currently in the midst of promotions for his film 360. Jude plays Michael Daly, a businessman in a hollow marriage. His decision to remain faithful to his wife sparks a series of events which ripple around the globe via Paris, London, Bratislava, Rio, Denver and Phoenix, before eventually returning, 360 degrees, to where the chain began.

Jude recently talked about the character he plays the film.

“I was excited about being in something with multiple languages, and it’s very much about humans being humans and trying to do the right thing,” he says.

“Yet it’s in all these different languages, and I got to meet all these wonderful actors from around the world,” he adds. “Michael is a normal, regular, flawed human being. There’s nothing particularly special or spectacular about him. He’s just a regular Joe. He’s working hard but at the same time kind of missing his life. He wants to do right by his family and do right by himself.”

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