Boobie-Palooza: Star-Studded Breastfeeding Event

Presented by Berlin Wellness and The Pump Station & Nurtury, Boobie-Palooza  was held in Los Angeles on August 5. In conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, the breastfeeding awareness family festival was a star-studded event, supported by James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly, Ali Landry, Kaitlin Olson, Sarah Shahi, Heather Tom, and TIME magazine cover mom Jamie Lynne Grumet.

“I definitely plan on breastfeeding my baby,” Heather Tom tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “It’s a personal choice, but I feel that it’s the best way to give nutrition to my child and I definitely want to try.”

After welcoming second child – son Joshua– with her actor hubby in March,  Kimberly Van Der Beek encourages new moms to try breastfeeding.

“If you have the ability to nurse, I say go for it!,” Kimberly tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “It’s nutritional gold, unparalleled bonding time with your little one and – nature’s bonus – it sucks you right back into shape.”

Now known as the infamous TIME magazine cover mom, Jamie Lynne Grumet speaks out on the importance of breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding past infancy should be celebrated, not stigmatized,” Jamie Lynne tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “This cannot happen if women continue to criticize healthy parenting choices. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding- we are in this together, and should love and encourage other parents to do what is best for their families. “

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  1. Ironically, Ms. Grumet was scheduled to be a guest on the Dr. Phil show yesterday. I know this because I was scheduled as one of the parenting experts for the show. My role as a psychologist was to talk about the psychological abuse inherent in this form of extreme parenting. When I showed up on set, the producer informed us that Ms. Grumet backed out of coming to the show due to illness. The show went on without her. I talk about the false propositions being presented as facts about this self centered parenting philosophy here:

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