Is Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell Adopting?

Catelynn Lowell may be saying goodbye to Teen Mom cameras when the series finale airs within weeks, but the 20-year-old Michigan college student might be taking on another role: Adoptive mother.

While Catelynn and fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, placed their daughter Carly up for adoption shorty after birth, the young couple are now considering adopting within her family.

Catelynn doesn’t want her little brother growing up in the same toxic household she did, so the reality TV star is vying for custody of Nicholas, 6, In Touch reports.

“If my mom derails again, I will step in and adopt my brother,” Catelynn tells the mag.

Catelynn, 20, claims her mother, April Baltierra — who created a fake pregnancy story about her daughter earlier this year — was an alcoholic during her childhood.

Remembering playing caretaker to her mother, Catelynn says, “I pretty much saw my mom drunk almost every day. I had to grow up really fast.”

“I know that my mom loves her children,” adds Catelynn. “But when it comes to addict parents, sometimes they love their drug or their alcohol more than they love their children.”

The Teen Mom star said she won’t let her brother go through the foster care system.

“I’m not gonna let my brother get harmed, and we wouldn’t let him go to foster care if things get crazy,” she says. “He would come and live with us. If I noticed him being neglected, I would step in — no question.”


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    • No where in this story or in the title, does it say a baby. That’s YOUR assumption. IDK why people always assume that adopting = baby. Plenty of people adopt older children. It’s not always about infants.

    • Yeah, if memory serves Catelynn’s mother started seeing (and then married) Tyler’s father which is why the surnames are the same . . . 🙂

  1. @V Her mom is married to Tyler’s dad…weird I know. But Catelynn and Tyler were together before Catelynn’s mom and Tyler’s dad got together, so it’s their parents who are messed up.

    I am amazed at how normal both Catelynn and Tyler are with both of their parents being messed up. I pray for that sweet little boy, and hopefully Catelynn can step in.

  2. Catelynn had unprotected sex again after she gave up her daughter for adoption. I have no idea how immature Tyler and Catelynn can be! I mean hello they gave up their child for adoption and they STILL haven’t learned to not have unprotected sex again!!
    It’s like none of the teen moms learn anything!

    Maci at 19 years old wanted another baby with her boyfriend Kyle and even asked him on Mtv Teen mom. Oh yeah that so totally shows how teens are struggling with being a teen mom that Macis wants ANOTHER baby as a teen.

    Leah messer got pregnant again! Not with twins but with a single baby even her then fiance now husband admitted it! Once again another teen mom gets pregnant again! She miscarried though.

    Catelynn had unprotected sex before she put in her birth control thing up her you know what. When the doctor asked her if she had unprotected sex she said no, then when they went home Tyler asked her why she lied and she said she panicked. baahaha.

    Cateylnn and Tyler are by far the WORST PARENTS on Teen mom they gave up their own daughter away to someone else. Then they have unprotected sex again because they don’t care that unprotected sex could create another child. Let me guess they’re going to give their other child up for adoption too?

    • They made the best decision at the time because they knew they couldn’t give her the life she deserved. I think it was very brave and mature of them. You can tell they’ve both matured as a couple and individuals and I think stepping up and adopting her brother is best for him, especially is the mother starts drinking and acting up again.

      • They made the worst decision giving up your own child is never the answer especially never the best answer. Why don’t they just give their brother up for adoption? Oh yeah they can’t because i guess he is “different” then Carly.

        • How STUPID can you be? Giving up a child at birth is completely different than giving up a 6 year-old for adoption. Carly only knows her adoptive family, they are her “real” parents.
          But for a 6 year-old child with memories, it would be far less traumatizing to have him stay with sister than to enter a family of strangers. Regardless of their wealth and stability.
          I’m a social worker, I know what I’m talking about.

    • Exactly! How awful Carly must feel that they could give her up no problem but they can taker her brother in. They also have unprotected sex right after they gave Carly up because i guess to them giving up their own child is as easy as pie and not hard.

    • She gave her biological daughter a better life through adoption because she was a minor & couldn’t afford a baby at the time of her birth. That’s one of the most selfless & mature acts a biological mother could ever commit. The adoptive parents will love & nurture the baby moreso than Catelynn ever could at that point in her life. But she’s an ADULT now, and if she has to adopt her little brother in order to protect him, then she has every right to do so.

      • As for everybody saying stuff about Catelynn and Tyler saying why they would give up Carly and then adopt her brother. I say the reason y they did it is so that they could finish school and get a good education. When u r a teen parent. u cant practically do anything unless it concerns ur child I think they made the best decision for Carly cause they wouldnt of gave her up if they could of financially take care of her. Now they have a stable home nd is in College

  3. I think what she’s trying to say is that if their mother finds herself back on drugs or alcohol, they will take in the little boy to protect him from getting hurt. Would you people prefer if they ignored him and just let him stay in the house neglected by an alcoholic?! Hopefully, April will stay clean so this won’t even become an issue. The media once again has blown something out of proportion…

    • They ignored their daughter’s best interests and gave her away to someone else. Why not do the same with her brother?

  4. Wow people are so cruel. Catelyn and Tyler are imo probably the only two mature one’s that are on the show. They did what they thought was best for their child and have grown so much in 2 years. I have alot or respect for them also staying together. Amber and Gary are messed up, Farrah is completely withdrawn from reality, and Maci although a good mom just seems to be stuck on the thoughts of her a Ryan being back together! They’re all still young and dumb!

    I also hope April has finally got her S**t together and is acting like the mom she never was. Cate and Ty are lucky to come out of this and still be level headed bc most kids who grow up in that environment end up being alcoholics or drug addicts themselves. Already they’ve broken the cycle! good for them!!

    • Catelynn and Tyler are mature because they had unprotected sex AGAIN after they gave up their daughter for adoption? Sounds VERY VERY VERY VERY immature to me. They still haven’t learned anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still having unprotected sex and give another child up for adoption.

      • Stop being so obsessed about sex and think about the kids will you. What happens in their bedroom is non of your business.

        • They can have sex just not UNPROTECTED SEX which is what they did that created Carly and what they’re STILL doing. They even admitted it on mtv teen mom tyler asked her why she lied about saying no about having unprotected sex before they shoved some birth control up her you know what meaning they still have unprotected sex they just really don’t learn anything or care.

          • It is not up to you when and what kind of sex they have. Are you getting any, because you obviously seem obsessed?

      • Why do you care so much? What they do in their bedroom is their business. They will be the ones that have to deal with the consequences not you so why are you so obsessed about it?

        I can tell you that they are not the first couple to have unprotected sex after accidentally getting pregnant. At least they gave their child a loving home instead of choosing abortion.

      • Umm no the immature thing would have been to keep Carly and have her grow up in all this messy drama. Her mother is an alcoholic, Tyler’s dad is a drug addict. Neither have careers. They did the admirable thing. Adoption is the most unselfish thing one can do if they know for sure they cannot give a child all it deserves. The selfish thing to do is keep your kids bc you want them and know you can’t provide for them.
        As other said what they do in their bed is their business. Catelynn hasn’t ended up pregnant again and she has been with Tyler her fiancee not some random dude!

        • So with everything you just said, how can ANYONE think it’s a good idea for them to raise her brother? The situation is still the SAME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Catelynn was 17 when that child was born, not 16.

    And if Carly is 100% better off with her PARENTS than she would be with this messed up family, won’t the 6-year old boy be better off with another family???

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