Snooki’s Baby Shower: “It Was Amazing”

Just weeks before her due date, Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi celebrates baby Lorenzo with a lavish baby shower!

“This is everything I wanted,” Snooki, 24, told In Touch about her shower on August 12 in Central Valley, N.Y. “There were lot of people and gifts — overall, it was amazing!”

The pint-sized reality starlet was every bit the glowing mom-to-be as she celebrated her blue-and-lime green sports-themed shower with 100 of her closest friends and family including her Jersey Shore costars Deena Nicole Cortese, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola.

The ladies-only shower, held at the posh Falkirk Estate and Country Club, was planned by Snooki’s mother, Helen, who decorated with animal-print accents.

And it was an all-day event! It took Snooki almost four hours to open the hundreds of presents, which included clothes, a motorcycle rocker, a zebra-print diaper bag and a super-sized teddy bear.

All the details of Snooki’s shower are featured in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.


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  1. Really now, does she need all of those gifts that are shown behind her? I don’t know why these celebrities have baby showers at all when they can just go out and get the things they need for their baby themselves and buy it without any hesitation!! These celebrity moms with baby showers should donate all their gifts to moms that are less fortunate and cannot afford the big items for their babies! There are more of us everyday people out there than the celebs put together. It just makes me angry to see all these gifts and know that they can be put to use to other families!

    • so because she’s a celebrity, her child doesn’t deserve to be celebrated? and no one should send her a gift, because she can afford to buy it herself? that’s a very twisted way of thinking. it’s her first child – baby showers are very typical for a first child. and her family and friends WANT to give the little baby presents. he has every right to a baby shower as a child of “everyday people” does.

    • To be fair, Snookie was not born with a silver spoon or into high society. Her reality show will not last forever, which is all she has as a “career”. She will needs all those gifts and sell them in a garage sale or ebay once everything blows over.

  2. Man, You guys are so self centered it ridiculous. She as well as her baby are human beings just like the rest of us. Everyone wants to celebrate a baby no matter how poor or rich. Also, by saying she needs to donate them is taking from her child and disrespecting the people that spent money on thoes gifts for HER BABY. Celeberties have personal lives behind the cameras that none of you see. You only know ‘Snooki’ noone knows Nichole but her real friends and family. You ever heard the saying dont judge a book by its cover? Well the fame is the cover and thats how youre all judging her. Thats ridiculous.

  3. First of all…if your a mom to be and can’t afford any of the baby’s things then why are you having a baby in the first place? That’s stupid for you to say she can’t have a baby shower just because shes a celeb. And to donate to those moms who can’t afford baby supplies. Maybe your not a mom so that’s why you posted your comment but for every mom out in the world when it’s you first child, especially, all you think about is your baby shower and how you want your child to have everything. So don’t be a hater and let her be!!

  4. As mentioned before, Snooki is known to people now because of being on Jersey Shore. She was not born a celebrity and should not be penalized because of her popularity on television now. Just like most other mother that are ecstatic for the arrival of their first baby and all of the events such as a baby shower, she should be entitled to that just like everyone else. Yes it is unfortunate that some people are not able to have as nice of things as others and I wish every new mom could have a baby shower like Snooki’s. But that just is not the way the world works. Snooki should be grateful for all of her support and baby gifts and i am sure she is. Just because she has money she should not be expected to go shopping herself and buy all of the 50 million things it takes to care for an infant and have that stress on top of all of the other stresses of pregnancy and raising a child. Whoever made the negative comment about her baby shower probably does not have children if they do not understand how important a baby shower is to a first time mother especially. The gifts is not even what its all about. It is a symbol of all of the SUPPORT and love that Snooki obviously has from her friends and family. Her baby may be spoiled by all of his nice things but that is a great upside to having children is giving them everything they deserve. That baby boy should not be penalized because he was born to a celebrity. I have a 3 month old and know people of all walks of life that have children as well and I believe they would be happy for Snooki that she has so much support because that is what a new mom needs more than anything.

  5. And I totally agree also with the comment posted before mine. It is not Snooki’s problem that there are people less fortunate than her. Yes it is sad and help is out there all over for new or soon to be mothers who need support, help, or necessities for themselves and their children. However baby Lorenzo should not have to have his stuff given to charity just because of who his mother is. If she wanted to do so then that is nice but I’m sure a lot of thought and love went into those gifts for LORENZO which after all is who her loved ones had in mind when buying those gifts. People have to take responsibility for their actions and if they cannot afford to have a baby then why are they not taking proper precautions. There are many many many resources and options of ways to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Other people’s misfortunes are not Snooki’s problem nor should she feel guilty for all of the gifts purchased for her son. People need to keep their negative comments to themselves. Just as we learn as children “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. This is one of the most memorable and exciting times in her life and will only happen once so don’t rain on her parade when you don’t know her or anything about her personal life.

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