Anne Hathaway Wants To Have Babies

Although she’s been busy promoting her latest hit flick, Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway, 29, and fiancé of nine months, Adam Shulman, have pushed wedding plans to 2013 in order to start a family,  Us Weekly reports.

“Annie wants to get everything done so they can get married and have babies,” a source says. 

And it sounds like she’s definitely lucky in love. “Whenever they can be together is like breathing for her,” add’s the pal.

Luckily, her 31-year-old designer beau is on the same page.

“Adam has been incredibly understanding and has been working on his own stuff too,” says another source. “They’re inseparable now. They love being engaged!”

In January 2011 – after two years with Adam – Anne said, “I’m dying to be a mother.”


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  1. Oh come on Annie you once were the picture of female self esteem. Now your just a play thing for your abusive boy toy. Does he really wear lifts when you are in public and you are stuck wear flats. You know it’s a well know fact that short boys have a terible self esteem problem that is filled with destructive behavior, such as thief, drugs and physical abuse. We all know that Anne you can take that punk in a fight.
    Fill out your cup size and kick him out.

    • did you have some major issue with a short man? and considering she is younger than him I wouldn’t call him a boy toy…

    • Shastalove – Your English is terrible. You don’t know how to spell or put a sentence together. You’re practically illiterate. Before you come online and make a fool of yourself, “and you are stuck wear flats” – really??? LOL, why don’t you go back to school so you’re not making a fool of yourself?

      • LOL You should look up the facts. He is a drug user. He does abuse Adult beverages, He has been caught stealing art work, he is an inch shorter then Anne. He has abused people and ran over a bike rider. Just that being Anne’s boy toy has given him a (rich and famous) pass. You can be 90, but if you still act like your under 21 you are a boy.

        • I love how “he’s an inch shorter than her” is at the same level as “he was caught stealing”. What a crime 😀 😀

          • So when Anne hunch over, so as to make him look taller, it is bad for her posture, and long term is bad for her health. The fact that he would steal is an indication of his character, specially when he has the rich boy life style. Just further proof of his lack of maturity, and questionable mental condition.

  2. Wtf with all these comments. I didn’t even know the name of the guy. And is being short part of a criminal record? lol.

  3. I have found this all very interesting. That people find the messenger is more important to impune, then to take a regards to her message. To these people the facts are not of importants, just the proper grammar, smelling of the words et al. That people have missed the fact that Anne at 5’7″ is taller then the lack of physical stature Adam at a meer 5’6″. Is it due to the lack of intelligence that the readers seem not to understand that Adam’s lack of self esteem has created a mental handicap where he has a tendency to act out against tall people (Anne), and against society as proven by his drug dealing/usage, his petty crimes such as art theft all that has been since becoming Anne’s boy toy.

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