Halle Berry Enlists Help From Salma Hayek In Custody Battle

The bitter custody battle continues for Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry.

The latest twist? Halle has enlisted help from fellow high-profile mama, Salma Hayek. According to the New York Daily News, Salma submitted a confidential court declaration on Halle’s behalf, arguing that France is a safer place for children of celebrity parents.

Salma, 45 – who is married to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault – reportedly appeared in court Thursday stating that France has tougher paparazzi laws than the U.S. The Frida star said the rules make her feel much safer when she’s out in public with 4-year-old daughter Valentina.

Halle and Gabriel are parents to 4-year-old daughter Nahla. The Monster’s Ball actress is now engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez and wants to move their daughter to Paris. But Gabriel is fighting the move.

On the first day of trial Thursday, the estranged parents apparently sat far apart in the courtroom and did not look at each other.

During their custody battle over Nahla, there have been allegations of abuse, a custody evaluation report, and child support payment court orders.


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  1. i think it’s cruel she’s trying to steal nahla away from gabriel… he’s never done anything wrong and if memory serves correctly, that BS case against him (from a former nanny or someone) was thrown away… yes photogs stalk them, but if this were the case, all celebs and their kids would move to timbucktoo!

  2. So maybe you don’t live in Malibu or Beverly Hills. Lots of places in Southern California that aren’t buried in photographers; there really isn’t any need to go to France to get away from it. Halle is a nasty piece of work who’s been trying to get the father out of his daughter’s life since they day they broke up. It’s a despicable parent that puts their own interests ahead of their child’s.

    • Agree 100%. Everytime Halle gets a man its like she loses her damn mind! So beautiful yet so desperate! Nahla needs her father… Team Gabriel

  3. Well, then move to another state! We’ve got 50 of them & believe it or not, at least 47 of those states have no papparazzi in them whatsoever. If consistent A-list stars like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Michelle Williams, etc. can pull it off, then so can Halle. Move your butt out of the Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu areas. She just wants an excuse to go gallivanting off to France & not have to worry about dealing with Nahla’s father.

    • I was just going to say that maybe Halle should get advice from Luciana Barroso, instead of Salma Hayek. I see photos Valentina a whole lot more than the Damon girls.

    • Funny too because Matt Damon lives in NYC and we rarely see him at all (only in airports or in LA). Meantime, Will France still look so appealling when her and Olivier break up??? Will America all of a sudden become safe and paps free again???

  4. She is so selfish. The father has rights too. Just because your are a celebrity and make far more money than him doesn’t always mean you are the best parent. You loved that man for a reason and together you had Nahla. Don’t be a horror as a mother CO PARENT!!!!! Maybe if you give alittle he will give alittle. Ever think about that.

  5. Every time I read another story about her self-made battle with the men in her life, I despise her a little more. She needs psychiatric help. She has no regard whatsoever for that which is best for that child. She wants total control and she wants the courts to help her make Gabriel totally disappear. The judge should force her into parenting class and counseling and should refuse to hear anymore custody arguments. There is nothing in Gabriel’s profile to suggest that he is an unfit father. The fact that she continues to fight to keep him out of his daughter’s life should be illegal. Custody laws are put into place to protect children from legitimate danger, not to help one parent bully the other out of the picture.

  6. she has really gone down ! halle used to be a beautiful woman, but lately she is unkempt looking. never combs her hair, never puts on cute clothes, all photos she has on baggy jeans or cut offs and looks nasty. maybe it is her trashy boyfriend rubbing off on her, but she used to have more pride in herself than looks like now.
    she seems to be such a controlling person, wanting the child all to herself. But when she was together with the Daddy she would spout off how good a father he was, how he helped take care of Nahla, etc. Now totally different, i dont think i believe a word she says, more like just vindictiveness to me.

  7. I can’t stand my baby daddy. But my daughter loves him so much I can’t
    Bare to see her hurt and be without him. I just suffer through it. Like a damn adult!

  8. It’s always eye-opening to read the comments here. I learn so much from people here (who have absolutely no first-hand knowledge of anything). I’m surprised that Halley Berry and Gabriel Aubrey don’t come here to find out exactly what they should do. You all seem to know!

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