Camila Alves & Family Welcome A New Addition

Camila Alves and her kids Levi, 4, and Vida, 2, went to the Thousand Oaks Mall in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (August 17). It was a successful shopping trip because the family got to take home a puppy! Before getting into the car – they treated themselves to ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.

The expectant mom wore a form fitting burgundy dress with a leather jacket.

Camila is trying out a new maternity style this time around.

She shared with US Weekly in July, “I look better if I have tight, fitted things. Anytime I put on anything that is really flowing, it makes me look twice as big than I am. Do not be afraid to be sexy while you’re pregnant, I’m learning that on my third pregnancy. I’m like, ‘oh wow, you don’t have to wear just flowing things.'”



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  1. Nice picture – cute puppy, but too bad it no doubt came from a puppy mill. Too bad Camila doesn’t teach her kids to adopt one of the millions of homeless pets that need a good home!

    • It looks like it might be a rescue… Doesn’t look like a pure bred and also looks like a grown dog with a little grey on its muzzle.

  2. Wow a nanny now ! Can’t she take care of her kids on her own.. Better be careful Matthew might cheat with the nanny!

    • You do know all celebrities have nannies right?

      We just do see them because most celebrties are able to go on outing with their kids without the help of one, unless they have a large amount of kids out on the outing.

      One would think she could handle two kids on an outing with out a nanny but maybe two kids, a dog and being pregnant out and about is too much for her.

    • If I were a celebrity I would to have a nanny, with all the paps hanging around, an extra pair of hands would be helpful!

    • Regular people have nannies too. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big fuss about it. Besides, she’s pregnant and has 2 kids. I agree with gracie, an extra pair of hands can’t hurt. Celebrity or not.

      • Everyone makes such a fuss because they NEED to believe that they are better than celebrities in SOME way. (It’s not true, but I guess it makes them feel better).

  3. As if you wouldn’t have a nanny yourself if you had her resources. There’s nothing wrong with having a nanny. The dog likes like a sweet little mutt and that is not what you would find in a puppy mill. Think before you thrown down your dumb comments.

  4. It’s ridiculous how everyone gets so worked up when they see celebrities with nannies. As if it isn’t a normal thing in every house with enough money to pay for a nanny. Having a nanny doesn’t make anyone a bad parent. It doesn’t mean you let someone else raising your child.

      • Anonymous- please stop throwing the word HAG around. It is really offensive and unneccessary. Many people can not afford nannies and unforunately have to work to support their family so daycares are necessary. It does not make someone a hag to put their kid in daycare or to have an opinion on a comment blog.

        • You need to look up the definition of HAG, because it absolutely appliles to many of the ‘women’ on this site.

          And by the way, just as many HAGS dump their kids in daycare so they can lunch with their friends, get their nails done, or just get a break from their hectic day. Or they “HAVE” to work so they can afford a ridiculous SUV, the latest $500 handbag and long summer vacations.

          Stop pretending that everyone on the planet is a perfect parent who just wants to spend every moment of the day with their precious snowflake. It’s simply not true.

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