Kevin Jonas: We’re Not Ready For Babies

When Married to Jonas premieres August 19 on E!, viewers will get an exclusive look at the blissful married life of Danielle and Kevin Jonas. The young couple opened up to Us Weekly about their new reality show and starting a family.

Married since 2009, the Jonas’ admit to feeling pressured to start a family. “We’re just waiting for the right time, and to have enough time to spend with the child and not miss everything about them growing up,” Danielle, 23, explains. “I think that’s our biggest concern.”

Since tying the knot, the 24-year-old singer has learned one very important lesson about married life: “Happy wife, happy life!” Kevin jokes. “But I think I’ve really learned that time spent together is the most valuable. . . Those moments are the ones that matter for a long time.”

Kevin is currently working on a new album with his brothers, Joe, 23, and Nick, 19. The Jonas Brothers’ most recent CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, was released on June 16, 2009. Once the boy band’s fifth album is completed, they will once again hit the road — and no one is more excited than Kevin’s wife.

“It’s so crazy, but the first tour that I went on, I had to get used to it,” Danielle says. “But now I’m kind of telling him, ‘This is weird, but I miss it!'”

“Which makes me so happy,” Kevin adds. “Obviously I want her there always with me, which makes my life better. . .I’m really looking forward to dragging her along with me for the next couple months!”

Married to Jonas premieres August 19 at 10 p.m. EST on the E! network.


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  1. Actually wasted an hour on this show, and she didn’t say they thought they should wait to have a baby. His family pretty much ganged up on her and told her it would screw up the new “tour” and it wasn’t the right time. She sat there and took it. It was pretty sad, actually, how Kevin allowed it to happen and didn’t stand up like a man and let the family know that their baby plans were nobody’s business but theirs.

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