Katie Holmes & Her Lil’ Biker

She’s on the move!

Six-year-old Suri Cruise took her bike – complete with training wheels, a pink basket and streamers – out for a spin in New York City yesterday (August 18). Mom Katie Holmes kept a close eye on her adorable girl as she navigated the bike bath. This is the first time we’ve seen the soon-to-be grade schooler on a bicycle. Looks like she’s doing great!

Speaking of school, Suri is set to begin classes in NYC in September. Rumor has it that Katie has enrolled her daughter in the city’s prestigious Avenues private school. According to some reports the Mad Money star and her ex Tom Cruise will both be escorting Suri to her first day of classes.


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  1. Cute pictures. They look sweet. One thing I have noticed is that celebrity kids seem to ride bikes so much later than the kids I know. Is it because they live in cities or don’t want to go out to parks to practise due to paps? I don’t know a single 6 year old that would still use training wheels…anywhere between 2-4 most kids ditch them around here.

  2. I wonder why it is that “celebrity babies” learn to ride a bike around 6-9 years and “normal” children learn when they’re about three? It’s kind of sad. x

  3. I didn’t get my first bike and learn how to ride it until I was about 8 or 9. My family didn’t have a lot of money though.

  4. It’s not really the fact that the bike has training wheels, it’s more that the bike looks too small for her at 6. We just bought out boys who are 4 new bikes that are 16″ and this bike looks about that??

    She should be on an 18″ or bigger and I hope my boys ditch the training wheels by 6!

  5. What a shock! More people criticizing every move this kid makes. Now she’s not riding a bike fast enough for you people? And she’s on the wrong size bike? And every celebrity kid is slow to learn how to ride a bike? (As if you know the exact ages that they ALL learned?). It’s relentless here.

  6. My daughter is about to be 6, and still uses training wheels on her bike. All kids are different. At least they are out there learning, instead of sitting inside watching tv for hours.

  7. Couldn’t she wear a pair of jeans and tennis shoes for once? And possibly tie her hair? I know, I know, I’m ” criticizing every move this kid make” (I really don’t,actually, but I am criticizing now). – but come on…

    • You’re making some of the WORST criticisms. Tie her hair? Wear jeans? You’re actually criticizing her “style” at 6-years old?

      What a pathetic loser.

  8. How do you ladies do it….make nasty comments about a little girl and a mother that obviously loves her child Get a life and stop being so jealous. Who cares how old she is when she rides a bike. You all win the mommy war!

  9. You really need to stop it. There is no certain age when kids need to learn riding a bike. For example I was about 9 years old when I learned it, without training wheels so. It wasn’t because my parents couldn’t afford a bike because they easily could. They were scared something could happen.

    To me the bike doesn’t look to small. They maybe could put the seat a lil bit higher but that’s about it.

    • I was a “late” rider too – I believe I was 9. My 3 year old is riding a two wheeler without training wheels and never had them in the first place. We got her a “running bike” (no pedals) and that seemed to prepare her for the real thing.

      Everyone’s different…

  10. I don’t know if America’s different but using training wheels at six? I little nephew got a bike when he turned four last month with no training wheels on and he had it figured out after an hour.

  11. The reason why she just learned how to ride a bike is because Katie Holmes decided to stop carrying her. You can’t ride a bike when your mother is constantly carrying you.

    • It really upsets you that a mother carries her child? A child who is constantly swarmed by invasive men shoving a camera in her face?

      How sad for you that you have to put up with photos of this.

  12. I think it’s just nice to see her being a kid for once. My nephew is 7 and rides a tricycle bc he has a mild disability and his balance is off. He can’t even do training wheels. He may be on them for years. Sad to think people will look at him and think. Why is that kid still on a bike w. training wheels? smh let kids be!

  13. The bike is definitely too small, but who cares. It’s pink, it has a basket and tassels. What six year old girl would give up that bike? I made my Dad keep mine in the garage until I was 13 even though I never rode it past 6 or 7 years old. Also, parents teach their kids to ride a bike when the child shows an interest. Maybe she hasn’t shown any interest.

    Bottom line: no one knows what the sitch is so lay off the negative comments. I will say its a little sad that she has to learn to ride a bike in front of paps. There are pics on other sites (funnysuriblogspot com) where she is crying, gets off the bike, and quits riding, making sad and angry faces at the paps. Too bad she couldn’t learn on that sprawling estate in Bev Hills.

  14. I do NOT think it is “wrong” to ride a bike with training wheels at 6. I merely commented that the photos I see of many celeb kids suggst that they use them at a later age than the children in my neighborhood. And I know two little boys who were riding bikes at 2 (and a half) without training wheels. So what? Its not like that means either of them is going to win the Tour de France. And maybe Suri will. Rather, I was wondering if this was a limitation of celebrity that I had not yet thought of. That maybe the idea of your (famous) child on a bike, out with the general public, was a bit daunting for their parents. So no judgement. Just curiosity I suppose, even arguably empathy?

    • You’re just making yourself sound dumber. How many photos of celebrity kids riding bike at an advanced(!) age could you POSSIBLY have seen? My guess: Not too many, yet it was enough for you to CONTINUE to presume that there’s something inherently wrong with these kids (or their parents).

      How lame.

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