Devon Aoki & Her Farmer’s Market Babe

Devon Aoki and her 1-year-old son Hunter went browsing around the Beverly Glen Farmer’s Market on Saturday (August 18). The model/actress wore a large floppy hat and strapless maxi dress.

Hunter wiggled around in her arms but she kept him close to her while walktng around the stalls.

Aoki – who has been in films Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious – will be in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Jessica Alba again.

Engaged to businessman James Bailey for two years now – there hasn’t been any word of plans for a wedding.

In January 2011 the NY Post reported, “Devon and James are extremely happy. They became engaged over the summer, and she has just found out she is pregnant.”



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  1. You don’t have to jump down her throat, she just asked a question. If anybody else didn’t know who Devon is, they would probably think the same thing. She’s not exactly a household name.

  2. I was thinking he might have DS also… Zero disrespect meant, just looks slightly possible.. He’s a cutie either way!

  3. Why do people always NEED to know if a child has a disability? Questions like this get asked far too often on this site. Makes me wonder what the parents of children with special needs go through.

  4. No he hasn’t down syndrome. He has exactly her mothers eyes. She’s half japanese and has very unique Asian eyes which his son has inherited, just check her pics if you don’t believe. After that no one can doubt this kid has ds.

  5. My first thought was that he has Down Syndrome but if you look at the other pic, his eyes look different. I think it’s just a weird angle. He’s only a 1/4 Japanese, I don’t think that is too much ‘Asian DNA’ (no disrespect intended, obviously) so that is why people assumed he has Down Syndrome. It’s natural for people to be curious, not just of celebrities children, but of disabled people in general. It’s crappy but it’s true. I dated a paraplegic and EVERYONE takes a second look, whether they are obvious about it or not. It’s human nature.

    • I’m lol !
      Obviously you don’t know a lot about dna nor maths.
      Devon Aoki having a japanese and a caucasian parent she has half her father’s dna and half her mother’s one.But having a baby, she could have transmitted in a pure statistic standpoint “the japanese half”she received from her father in its integrity which would still make with her husband’s “caucasian half” a 1/2 japanese, 1/2 caucasian dna. You don’t chose which part of the dna is transmitted even if it’s half of each parent ; that’s the reason why despite having only one far ancestors from another “race” the part of it’s ancestor can still be very important.That’s also why so many people are surprised when they do test their dna.

      • So true…I’m quarter Italian but I have been asked many time if I’m Italian or southern European…it’s very dominant in my looks

  6. My sister has DS and even thought this boy has many of the DS features: almond shaped eyes, stubby fingers and misshaped ears, he does not have the oversized, protruding tongue which is almost always present. Also, most DS babies have poor muscle tone and thin extremities, he looks very sturdy.

    • Actually he doesn’t have many of the features. My grandson has DS with perfect ears (this child’s ears look like my husbands – not a good call) and and no extended tongue. This child doesn’t have the typical curved little finger, the rounded finger pads (they would be very obvious from even this picture) nor can you see because of his shoes the sandal-toes he would most likely have. His extremities if you mean limbs are not thin but DS children are more often overweight than not so that wouldn’t be a clue.You did get the sturdy erect posture where he is helping to support himself on her hip correct. He does have it seems from these pictures eye folds but then that is a typical Asian feature so again not a way of diagnosing.

      That said, I hope you sister is thriving as my grandson is. He is a happy 2nd grader, with great sense of self and increasing independence so the day people in general begin to realize that DS is a diagnosis not a disaster maybe will have few cases of typical children will be questioned.

      How many people here have just “known” for certain that a celebrity’s child has this diagnosis because the child isn’t round eyed? I never have heard any of them come back and correct themselves though.

  7. Excuse me? People with Down Syndromes do not look like Asians at all. The old term for it which is Mongoloid is considered racist, and this kid has got DS, he looks it. Please google pictures of children with DS and Asian. Most Asian kids don’t have or look anyone who has DS.

    Also, I am Asian and I work with mixed Asians or full-blooded Asians all the time.

  8. I am Asian and I have been big fan of her for over 15 years.
    But, yes, I think he has Down syndrome. I agree that some of Asians look ds even though they aren’t. But most Asian don’t look they have ds. At least to me, because I’m Asian. But her kid, even to me, looks he has ds

  9. I am Asian, know lots of Asian and Asian-mixed people and have seen lots of Asian and Asian-mixed babies. But even I still wondered whether this child had DS. I think its the combination of the shape of the lids and how deep set they are, as seems characteristic of many DS kids. Like the original poster, neither here nor there, just curiosity.

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